4 Responses to “Words with the Letter N – Baby Sign Language Dictionary”

  1. Chey

    How do you sign “name”

    ADMIN – Hi Chey,

    To sign name you make the sign for the letter H with both hands and you circle them around.

  2. Jakub

    where can I find a list of signable (not spell-signable – I mean signable with one sign) names?
    Also, is the grammar of BSL similar to ASL?

    ADMIN – Hi Jakub,

    I am unfortunately not familiar with the grammar of BSL. As for name lists you might want to consult with the local council for the deaf.

  3. Chey

    How would you sign “ noodle “ or “ noodles?

    ADMIN – Hi Chay,

    Go to our dictionary and look under P for pasta

  4. Sara

    Hi there,
    Ummm…can you please add the sign for “never”?
    Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Sara,

    We will look into adding it next year.


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