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  1. Fannette

    We are a French family and love eating croissants 🥐 for breakfast on Sunday! What is the sign for it? Thanks a lot

    ADMIN – Hi Fanette,

    To sign croissant make a moon shaped motion using both hands as if in drawing a croissant on a plate that is in front of you. The motion begins at the center of the croissant and it ends at the tips.

  2. Hanna

    I am looking for the sign for chimney and chimney sweeper (I am trying to sign a Czech children’s rhyme).

    Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Hanna,

    The sign for chimney can be achieved by forming two letter Cs with each hand and shaping a squarish form in front of you. Move both hands from the bottom to the top as if you are moving your hands up a chimney.
    For chimney sweeper just add the sign for hand and the sign for broom.

  3. Linda

    How would you sign ‘can’? As in, can I go out side or i can whistle?

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,
    The sign for “can” as in “possible” uses “S” hands that move downward about six inches.
    Note: If you use a double movement, it changes the meaning more toward being “possible.”

  4. Lauren

    Hi- what’s the sign for clean up? could you add clean up to your list? I find it kind of confusing to figure out without the visual.

    Also we have found diaper change is useful as separate from “potty” because sometimes already having gone is a sign needed too.

    ADMIN – Hi Lauren,

    To sign clean up have both hands meet with palms flat and wipe your non dominant hand with your dominant hand as in removing crumbs from a table.

  5. Tara james

    What’s the sign for candy

    ADMIN – Hi Tara,

    Please refer to the full dictionary.

  6. Melaney

    Calm? Like ‘calm down’ trying to teach a 2 year old autistic boy.

    To sign calm down place both hands palms facing down and fingers extended and separated in front of the body. Motion both hands by going up and down at the same time. The sign looks very much like the sign for slowing down

  7. Kayla

    How do I sign “time out” for an older baby?

    ADMIN – Hi Kayla,

    The sign we use for time-out is like the sign used in sports. Your non-dominant hand is vertical. You place your dominant hand horizontal on top, making a T-shape with your two hands.

  8. Annette Bledsoe

    What is the sign for “clean”?Like, after a bath you are “all clean”.

    The sign for “nice” or “clean” is made by placing your left hand in front of you, palm up and moving the flat palm of your right hand across your left hand. (If you are right handed).

  9. Courtney Luke

    What is the sign for church?

    The sign for “church” is made by forming the letter “c” with your dominant hand. Form your non-dominant hand into an “S” hand. Place the thumb of your dominant hand on the back of your non-dominant hand.

  10. Madeline Sullivan

    What is the sign for “close” as in close a book?

    ADMIN – Hi Madeline,

    To sign closing a book, you can make a motion like closing a book.

  11. Amanda

    How about cracker or cookie?

    ADMIN – Hi Amanada,

    We have added both these important snack signs. Thanks for suggesting them.

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