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  1. Courtney Luke

    You guys are amazing! I love your site! I’ve been coming almost everyday and learning new signs. You are fun, funny and cute! Thanks so much! I would also like to know the sign for “bite”.

    At chest height both hands are palm down fingers facing each other. leave the non-dominant hand flat and have the dominant hand shape into a C that mimics a mouth about to bite. Have dominant hand bite non-dominant hand at knuckle level by closing your “C” into a bite.

  2. Stacey

    Id like to know the sign for burp and bite! Im a breast feeding mama who needs baby to communicate when she needs to burp and i need to communicate no biting!

  3. emmy

    Could you please put on butt and blink? Thanks I love this site!!!!

  4. Hanna

    Hi! I’d love to know the sign for “bite.”

    Also, I’m just starting signing with my daughter, she’s 8 months, and I’m amazed how quickly she’s catching on! This website is incredible!

  5. Mary

    I’d really like to know the sign for “bible”. I have bible time with my daughter every day and I’d love to have a sign for it! :-)

    Admin: There are a couple of signing options for Bible but my sign of choice is combining the sign for Jesus with the sign for book.

  6. trish

    What is the sign for bottle…as in baby bottle? thanks! This web site is great!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Trish,

    Thanks for the compliment. We added bottle.

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