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  1. Sara

    Hi…can you please show me the sign for “alright”? It sounds very similar to “stop”.

    Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Sara,

    The sign for alright is like a knife cutting on a cutting board. Dominant hand is the knife with fingers all together pointing toward the listener and non-dominant hand is the board with palm facing upwards.

  2. Sara

    What is the sign for apricot?

    ADMIN – Hi Sara,

    Apricot is generally finger-spelled.

  3. Gabby sobilo


    What is the sign for alphabet or ABCs?.



    ADMIN – Hi Gabby,

    Sign AB and C then make the sign for all.

  4. User

    What the sign for avocado this is common food
    Thanks ms v

    ADMIN – Hi

    The sign for Avocado is available in our flash card collection and dictionary.

  5. Matthew Butler


    That is a good question, and the honest truth (as far as the ASL community is concerned) is that avocado is fingerspelled, using the ASL manual alphabet. I do, however, understand that avocado can be a lengthy word to spell for a beginner signer, so perhaps you could make a home sign and fingerspell the sign before introducing the home sign, as this is how classifiers (or early childhood education signs) are introduced.

  6. Mey Lau

    Hi Kate,
    We are working hard to prepare an enhanced collection of flashcards and videos. I believe Avocado is in the list

  7. Kate

    What is the sign for avocado? This is a common first food for babies.



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