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    I have a child in my classroom who is greatly benefiting from learning sign language.

  2. Jessa

    I am so excited that you have this available for free, i am on a tight budget but want to teach my daughter how to sign. Its still a little early for her but im practicing on her =) Thank you so so so much. The videos are super helpful!! =)

  3. Jamie

    My son is learning so much from the great things you offer on this website! I really genuinely hope there are even more great things on the horizon. I see there are some items on this website left undone. My field is web and graphic design – so please contact me any time if I can be of service! Best wishes and again, many kudos!

  4. krystle

    My daughter is learning alot from your baby sign language flash card. Thanks!

  5. DeAnn Browning

    Trying to communicate better with a 19 month who only speaks 4 sounds. His speech therapist said I should try this.

  6. Sylvia Kerin

    Where is the sign for thirsty? This is an amazing website xxx

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