Again Baby Sign Language Flash card

Usage: Again is better taught from real world interactions, rather than from a flash card. When you are doing something fun with baby, like tickling baby or playing peek-a-boo, sign again before you repeat the activity. Soon baby will learn to sign again independently to get you to do the activity again.

To learn how and when to teach the sign, take a look at the again page for a video, diagram, and tutorial.

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  1. Amaya

    I babysit many children 3 who use sign Language, I now fluent sign Language which made my parents a little nervous knowing I learned it on my own, One day I was babysitting for kids which were separated into two different families, One girl who’s spoke sign language, wanted to play with the kids but was nervous they would make fun of her because of her sign language I told her to try to play with them anyways next thing I knew after at least five or six minutes the other three children wanted to learn sign language also which made me feel so much more proud so after at least three or four more weeks of me showing them sign language classes they almost spoke as fluent as she did their parents didn’t understand why I did it they only thought the kids would get made fun of now, but to be honest they found out that sign language can be a lot more helpful in the world and ended up being happy that I show the kids what I knew and it made me and the other kids happy as well .


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