Baby Sign Language Quick Start

This guide will have you ready to start teaching your child Baby Sign Language in just 5 minutes. It includes:

  1. Starter Signs: Learn mom, dad, eat, milk, and dog.
  2. Teaching Signing: Learn how to teach your child the signs.
  3. Signing Kit: Get guaranteed faster results with the Baby Sign Language Kit.

Baby Sign Language Basics

1. Your First Five Signs

We start by introducing signs that your baby will use frequently every day and will be motivated to learn. We recommend the following five signs:

(If those signs don’t make sense for your family, there are other great ┬ástarter sign options on the Top 10 Starter Signs page.)

Top Five Starter Signs (Mom, Dad, Eat, Milk, Dog)

2. Teaching Your Baby

These four principles show you how to teach sign language to your baby:

  • Fun – Keep signing playful and focused on motivating signs.
  • Repetition – Incorporate signing in your daily routines.
  • Encourage – Reward progress with praise & attention.
  • Expand – Grow vocabulary based on your baby’s interests.
Teaching Baby Sign Language Quick Start

3. Sign Faster and Easier
with the Full Kit

Our award-winning Baby Sign Language Kits get your baby signing faster.

  • DVDs – Your baby learns to sign while being entertained by the music of Rachel Coleman & the Signing Time Crew.
  • Flash Cards – Extend your baby’s vocabulary to people, foods, and animals with these sturdy flash cards.
  • Teaching Guide – Utilize advanced topics for faster results, potty training, and transitioning to speech.
  • Signing Dictionary – Have the right sign at your fingertips to satisfy your child’s curiosity.
  • Wall Chart – Help grandparents, babysitters, and caregivers learn the basic signs.

101 Responses to “Baby Sign Language QuickStart Basics”

  1. Kris

    Do you guys have a sister site or an affiliation that can teach phrases? My toddler is a lazy talker and refuses to use words, so I’m hoping sign language will help her communicate better instead of standing there and just making caveman noises lol, half the time I don’t know what she wants bc it’s the same noise for just about everything. So I’m trying to learn more than what I’m teaching her so that I’m ahead of her and can teach her what she’s ready to learn, when she’s ready to learn it, but there’s some phrases that I can’t find anywhere.

    ADMIN – Hi Kris,

    We don’t. If your child has language delays it is best to consult with a speech therapist.

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