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  1. Marcy

    I am very excited about having learned the signs for diaper, milk, and more. These are the only times that my baby cries. Now I can eliminate even these three frustrating times also! Thanks!

  2. Lane

    Would love to know when you add a flashcard for fan!

    ADMIN – Hi Lane,

    You can download the fan flash card above.

  3. Laura

    Great site, wish I would’ve thought of it! My
    Toddler loves the flashcards and is learning and saying new words! Yay! Thank you!

  4. Rick

    My daughter loves doing this sign. She makes the sign and we are supposed to switch the fan on and off.

  5. FJPL

    How do you sign the word fan. My baby loves the fans around our house.

    ADMIN – Hi FJPL,

    To sign fan, you take your dominant hand and pointing upward, move it around in circular motions in the air.

  6. Fűziné Kupper Anna

    Hello, I am interested in baby language, the website is great. Thank you for teaching us, here in Hungary there is no other way to learn them. Can you add more signs, please? Thank you again.

    Yours, Anna

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