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  1. Crystal

    Will you please post the proper sign for heaven. My daughter has a brother in heaven. I have found several signs but I would like the most widely used one to teach her. Thanks so much.

    ADMIN – Hi Crystal,

    To sign heaven you can roll your hands together, and then open them up toward the sky.

  2. Kate

    What is the sign for home? I would like to be able to sign to my toddler that “We are going home”, but I can’t find the sign.

  3. Zechariah

    Help: Place your open right hand under the left “S” which is facing to the right; lift both hands together.

  4. nicole

    I’m looking for this sign, too. I think it might help ease some frustration for my 7 mo. Thanks!

  5. Mey Lau

    We will be posting the proper sign for help in a few days please keep checking

  6. Alena

    Hi, could you please tell me which is the proper sign for ‘help’. I do the sign language with my 5 months old daughter and she loves it. I think this sign will be very useful in the future. Thank you ;)

  7. Frances

    I would like to know the sign for HELP. All kids need help at times, other than whinning for help the sign for it would be better. Thank you Frances.

    ADMIN – Hi Frances,

    We have added the sign for help. Thanks for suggesting it.

  8. marilyn

    I am looking for a picture of “help me”

    ADMIN – Hi Marilyn,

    Thanks for your suggestion, we added help (me).

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