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Signing Stories: Clara

In this week’s signing story, we have Clara and her mother Rena. Video: Clara Signing at 16 Months I was always interested in using baby sign language since my brother used it when he had his son. I noticed he rarely had any crying spells or fits and was impressed to say the least. When… Reads more »

Vincent Signs

This week, Vincent and his mother Ingela share their signing story. Video: Vincent Signing at 15-18 Months I started signing regularly to Vincent when he was about 8 months old, and he signed back at about 10 months. His first sign was light, followed by dog and a month later daddy. When he was between… Reads more »

Amelie Signs

This week Julia and her daughter Amelie join us from New Zealand. Julia shares her story of raising Amelie bilingual (French & English), and doing Baby Sign Language. Check out the video at the bottom of the page, it is hilarious! Video: Amelie Signing at 11 Months I’ve known I would do baby sign since… Reads more »

Elena Signing More

Today’s signing story comes from Spain. Elena is eight months old and is signing more. Elena’s mom is a veteran of baby sign language, and also taught her oldest daughter Eva how to sign. Video: Elena Signing More at 8 months I absolutely love your site. I have been using it since 2011 with my… Reads more »

Ted Signs

Today in our signing signing stories we have Ted and his mom Cam. Check out the video and hear about all the creative signing they have been up to! Ted Signing at 15 months We liked the idea of signing with our baby boy, Ted, and started almost immediately (we were new to signs, so… Reads more »

Jackson Signs

This week, our signing star is Jackson. Jackson was taught by his mom Marissa, and they share their story. Check out the adorable video of Jackson doing the sign for more. Video: Jackson Signing More at 7 Months My son is a week shy of 8 months and we have been doing signs with him… Reads more »

Elliot Signs

This week Elliot and his mom Kayleigh tell us their signing story. Picture: Elliot Hanging Out in a Tree My son Elliott is just over a year (16 months-old to be exact!) and has quite a good sign vocabulary. We started on signing just at 3 months. We knew he wasn’t going to be able… Reads more »

Khloie Signs

Khloie is the second star of our signing stories series. Nicole and her daughter Khloie started signing at 8 months. Read how they got started and check out the video of Khloie showing us how it’s done! Video: Khloie Signing at 16 months I got interested in BSL when I went to a friend’s house… Reads more »

Wyatt’s First Sign

This is the first in series of posts we are going to do about reader’s experiences with baby sign language. Christi, shared with us this incredibly cute video of her son Wyatt doing more, one of his first signs. Check out the video and read Wyatt’s signing story. Video: Wyatt Signing More at 7 months… Reads more »