Baby Sign Language Flash Cards

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The Flash Card Pack includes 52 sign language flash cards. Each card includes an image and the corresponding word on the front for the child, and a diagram of the sign on the back to help you remember the sign motion. The cards are made of sturdy paper board for exceptional durability.


Baby Sign Language Flash Cards

Flash Cards

Flash Cards are a fun way to help children learn to sign. The front of the Baby Sign Language Flash Cards feature vivid real-life images along with the word for the child to see. The back of the flash cards have instructional diagrams of the sign motion for the teacher’s reference. Each flash card is printed on thick paper board for durability.

The Basic Baby Sign Language Flash Card Set includes 52 cards (4 x 6 inches): airplane, apple, baby, ball, banana, bear, bird, boat, book, bread, buy, bunny, butterfly, car, cat, cereal, cheese, chicken, clothes, cow, diaper, dog, duck, egg, elephant, fan, fish, flower, frog, giraffe, grapes, hat, horse, keys, kite, lion, monkey, mouse, orange, pig, potty, sheep, shoes, slide, snake, swing, tiger, toothbrush, train, tree, turtle, & water.

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We want to make this decision easy and signing risk free. Your baby signs to your complete satisfaction, or your money back. If you are unhappy, just send back you kit and we give you a complete refund. It’s that simple.

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47 reviews for Baby Sign Language Flash Cards

  1. Kyle

    We used the chart for our two young boys, and it has worked wonderfully! It has allowed us to communicate with them more efficiently!

  2. Paul

    These cards are great quality and easy to learn. Our baby loves playing with the and learned a few signs. My only wish would be that there was a little more variety in the signs. There are a lot of nouns like fruits and animals. I think there should be more stuff like emotions, requests, and actions.

  3. Patty

    I love these sign language cards. As soon as we started teaching our baby signs she started saying some words. Something clicked and she just got it! Now our baby is 19 months old and is signing and saying words to communicate. I love it when she see things out in the world that are represented by the cards; I can see she makes the connection when she smiles or makes the sign!

  4. Elaine Harris

    Love the size of this poster it’s clear and very colorful and a great addition to our curriculum in our infant room.

  5. Sasha

    I was a bit skeptical of the chart at first but consistency pays off! The animations are easy to follow and my baby loves to look at them. At 10 months she was able to sign dog, all done, and more. I can’t wait for her to learn more!

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