Excuse Me

Excuse me Baby Sign Language Flash card

Usage: Use the excuse me flash card when introducing your baby to basic manners and appropriate responses in social engagements. For example, have them sign excuse me prior to interrupting a conversation or when sneezing.

To learn how and when to teach the sign, take a look at the Excuse Me page for a video, diagram, and tutorial.

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  1. Ayrika

    Hi there,

    I have seen several questions about whether or not you have all signs in one PDF. Is it at all possible for you to provide a link to all flash cards in one download? I do understand that each family will use different words, but I have spent three hours downloading these and I am only midway through the Es.

    ADMIN – Hi Ayrika,

    We don’t have a single PDF. Our kit includes a dictionary containing all the words in a single book and the durable flash cards have 52 carefully selected signs to get you started.

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