E to H Words – Baby Sign Language Flash Cards

Earring Fall Down Game Hair
Earphones Family Garage Hairbrush
Eat Fan Garbage Hall
Egg Farm Garden Hamburger
Elephant Farmer Gate Hanukkah
Enjoy Fast Gentle Happy
Excited Favorite Get Dressed Hat
Excuse Me  Feather Gift Hear
Exercise  Feet Giraffe Heart
Eye Glasses  Ferret Girl Helicopter
 Easter  Find Give Hello
Finished Glasses Help
Fire Gloves High
Firefighter Glue Hill
Fireworks Go Hippo
Fish Goat Hit (person)
Fix God Hit (ball)
Flag Good Holiday
Flashlight Good Morning Horse
Floor Good Night Hospital
Flower Goodbye Hot
Food Goose Hotdog
Fork Gorilla House
Fox Grandfather How
French Fries Grandmother How Much
Friend Grapes Hug
Frog Grass Hungry
Fruit Gray Hurry
Frustrated Green Hurt
Full Gross  Halloween
Fun Grumpy  Heater 
Fairy  Get
 Funny  Ghost
 Fairy  Guitar


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10 Responses to “E to H Words – Baby Sign Language Flash Cards”

  1. Linda

    Some of the words are in black font and I cannot click on them why?

    Hi Linda
    The words in black are not yet loaded in the system. We hope to have them up soon

  2. George Long

    I belong to a group of Santas. We have been discussing learning signing for hearing impaired children who we visit, or visit us. We have made a list of words and/or questions/phrases we feel would be used most frequently as Santa. We all agreed that flashcards would help us learn the signing for these words etc. more quickly. Are there currently any cards that would be available to help us?

  3. Sara

    Hi, am looking for head and face please :)

    Hi Sara
    To sign head touch the upper part of your head then touch down near your chin. To sign Face make a clockwise circle with index starting and ending at chin.

  4. M Nordhus

    How can I tell what my granddaughter is saying? She uses several signs that I understand, however, I’m not sure what she is saying when she touches both index fingers together. I have searched the web for a site that will translate the sign into meaning, however, was unable to find one.

    ADMIN – Hi M,

    It can be tricky decoding early signs without the help of their teacher or parent, because the signs are like baby talk, very rough approximations of the true sign. Touching index finger together could be an approximation of more or hurt.

  5. tania

    What’s the sign for help?

    ADMIN – Hi Tania,

    We have added help.

  6. Deborah

    I was looking for the word great I read good night moon to my son but I am trying to sign word for word but don’t know the sign for GREAT.

    ADMIN – Hi Deborah,

    I would substitute the word big for great.

  7. Mey Lau

    Bonnie we just uploaded the video for eat. Please visit our baby sign language video dictionary

  8. caleigh

    What about the word eat?

    ADMIN – Hi Caleigh,

    We added the sign for eat (it is the same as the sign for food). Thank you for suggesting it.

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