4 Responses to “A Words – Baby Sign Language Flash Cards”

  1. Sararasi

    Thank for this site.I hope this site will help me to teach words and recognise pictures to my son ………..

  2. Sheila Harris

    My son has been signing since he was 8 months old and I am happy I found this site because now I can expand his language. Thank you

  3. Gina Agda

    Thank you so much helped me a lot i am a teacher handling learners with special educational needs. getting excited teaching them this new knowledge. Thank you for sharing

  4. Drew

    My daughter has been using your cards for over a year now and her communications is astounding. She is 19 months now.

    I see that you have many more cards available for download in PDF. Would you happen to have a zip folder of all the current cards that could be emailed? I began downloading them individually but there are just so many.

    Thank you kindly.

    ADMIN – Hi Drew,

    We don’t have a consolidated file but the printed dictionary we sell contains the whole collection. You can find our dictionary in our store individually or as part of a kit.


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