A to D Words – Baby Sign Language Flash Cards

Above Baby Cage Daddy
Adult Babysitter Cake Dance
Afraid Backpack Camera Dark
Again Bacon Candle Day
Airplane Bad Candy Deer
All Done Bag Car Dentist
All Gone Ball Cards Dessert
Alligator Balloon Careful Diaper
Ambulance Banana Cat Dining Room
Angry Bandage Caterpillar Dinner
Animal Basement Cereal Dinosaur
Ant Basket Chair Dirt
Apple Bath Change Doctor
Art Battery Cheese Dog
Aunt Be Careful Cherry Doll
Avocado Beach Chicken Dolphin
 Angel Bean Child / Children Don’t
Bear Chocolate Don’t Hit
Beautiful Circle Don’t Know
Bed Class Don’t Like
Bedroom Clothes Don’t Want
Bee Cloud Door
Behave Clown Doorbell
Bell Coat Down
Belt Cold Downstairs
Bib Color Drawer
Bicycle Come Dress Up
Big Computer Dress
Bin Cook Drink
Bird Cookie Drop
Birthday Corn Drum
Bite Count Dry
Black Cousin Duck
Blanket Cow  Dirty
Blocks Crab  Dryer
Blonde Cracker
Blue Crawl
Blueberry Cry
Boat Cup
Books Cupboard
Boots Cut
Bottle Cute
Box  Clean
Boy  Crayon
Bread  Cupcake
Breakfast  Chicken Nugget
Broken  Carrot
Bunny Rabbit
Bye Bye
Brush Teeth


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17 Responses to “A to D Words – Baby Sign Language Flash Cards”

  1. Debbie

    Is there a way to print more than one flash card at once or like an entire letter

    ADMIN – Hi Debbie,

    There is not, but you can purchase the kit which contains the easy to use dictionary.

  2. Hannah

    could you please put up a flash card for close/shut?

    ADMIN – Hi Hannah,

    I have added your request to our list

  3. Jana

    Sign for “apart.”

    ADMIN – Hi Jana,

    Your hands go together in front of you touching knuckles and in cup shape with palms looking up. You separate your hands towards the outside of your body in a quick motion

  4. Fannette

    Hi. How do you sign “biscuit”? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Fanette,

    Biscuit is the same as cracker.

  5. Rebecca


    Is there a sign for donkey?

    Thanks :)

    ADMIN – Hi Rebecca,

    Place your dominant hand with palm looking forward next to your hear and bend it as if it was the bending ear of a donkey.

  6. vanessa

    is there a sign for can I ? or asking

    ADMIN – Hi Vanessa,

    The sign for “can” as in “possible” uses “S” hands that move downward about six inches with fists closed. To complete this sign just point to self to indicate “I”


    Love it do you have this kit in Spanish

    ADMIN – Hi Aretha,

    While the kit is not available in Spanish, the resources are easily adaptable. I would highly recommend you purchase the flash cards and use them as a resource for multilingual teaching.

  8. Chris

    Hi! Thank you for the resources! Do you deliver to South Africa? Your products look amazing.

    ADMIN-Hi Chris,
    We do ship internationally.

  9. Jessica

    Are the words in black ones that are going to be added soon?

    That is the plan, we keep adding words as resources become available. Our video dictionary has other words that you might not find on the flashcard collection

  10. Donna

    is there a way to choose specific words you want to print, then print them on a page you put together?

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    We do not have that kind of functionality in the site.

  11. Steven

    Hello I was skimming through. I was wondering if y’all could throw in daughter? Also where can I find how to do names?

    ADMIN – Hi Steven,

    Daughter is signed by doing girl then baby. Similarly son is signed by doing boy then baby.

  12. Kelly

    We love your flash cards and use them to teach our little ones and a child that is learning sign langauge at home. We would love some cards for different vegetables! Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

    Great idea. More veggies are on the menu!

  13. lana

    Thank you,Thank you! Your site is superior to all the other sites, it has been a great help in communicating with my baby thanks.

  14. Nidhi

    Thank you very much for making such a wonderful and useful site.. I am a mother of 11 months old baby boy and I was looking out for such a site, to teach my kid sign lang.. It is so wonderfully designed and words are explained in such easy manner, it makes my task easy.
    Once again, THANK YOU.

  15. Mindy

    Thank you for this it has help me learn the signs I need most to communicate with my son…

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