Video: Zoo in Baby Sign Language

Signing: Zoo is signed by outlining the word z-o-o. First you outline a ‘Z’ in the air with your index finger. Then you make an o-shape with you index finger and your thumb and move it away from your body.

Zoo in Baby Sign Language
Figure: Zoo in Baby Sign Language

Usage: Introducing the Zoo concept through signing is great preparation for babies for an upcoming field trip to the zoo. You can build up a little excitement and anticipation for your child, and you will also help them get used to the idea of the zoo so they are more likely to enjoy the experience and less likely to be shy or scared.

Introduce the sign while reading story books about a zoo, or watching a video about a zoo. You can also use zoo to describe a group of animal figurines. “At the zoo we can see a elephant, a giraffe, and a tiger.

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