Video: Watch in Baby Sign Language


Watch in Baby Sign Language
Figure: Watch in Baby Sign Language

Usage: .

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  1. Mariana S

    I was wondering the same thing (clock.) However, I couldn’t find the sign for dish on your dictionary.

  2. Jana

    How can sign a clock? Like the one on the wall,thank you

    Tap your wrist twice as if pointing the time of a watch and follow it with the sign for dish. Basically clock is done by creating a compound word of “dish on the wall”

  3. Tiffany

    I was wondering if there was a sign for “watching” or “watch” in the term of: “I am watching you”, or “Watch this!”? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Tiffany,

    You can vary the sign to indicate what you are watching. If you are watching the child, make the sign toward them. If you want them to watch something, point the sign in that direction. Children find that directional pointing very intuitive.

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