Video: Want in Baby Sign Language

Signing: The want sign looks you are pulling something toward you. Place your hands out, with hands open and palms facing up, making your hands bent a little into a claw shape. Pull both your hands toward you.

Want in Baby Sign Language
Figure: Want in Baby Sign Language

Usage: Teach your baby to point and use the want sign instead of just grabbing things.

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Flash Card: Click the link to view the Want Baby Sign Language Flash Card. The flash cards are printable and available in both U.S. Letter and A4 sizes.

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5 Responses to “Want”

  1. Christina MT

    How do you sign ” I feel…” i.e. sad, mad, tired, hurt,sick?

    Hi Christina,

    The grammatical structure of sign language is different from English. You need to point to self and then sign the emotion

  2. Davi

    How do you say you need to do that

    ADMIN – Hi Davi,

    The grammatical format of sign language is slightly different. The phrase you propose is not normally used. You need to move into specifics. For example you can sign pickup + toy + please

  3. Sara

    I’m sorry …I also meant to ask how do you sign: “What do you want?”


    ADMIN – Hi Sara,

    Do is a lexicalized sign which requires simplified finger spelling. But for simplification the way you approach this question by using this phrase through signs

    What you want?

    raise your eyebrows to communicate that you are asking a question.

  4. Sara

    How do you sign “have” and “need”?

    ADMIN – Hi Sara,
    Hold “bent” handshapes a few inches out from your upper chest. Move your hands back and touch your chest.

    Make a hook with the index of your dominant hand put it in front of you and draw it toward your body.

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