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  1. Sara


    Ummm…what is the sign for “worry / worried”?


    ADMIN – Hi Sara,

    The sign for worry starts with both hands meeting in the center in front of your face with palm down as if in making a roof. Motion both hands down one before the other. It looks like you are rolling paper.

  2. Malcolm

    hello guys this is my mom What’s The sign For Whataburger same for hamburger
    ASL For WHAT That was made by extended your base outward starting
    near the thumb, drag the tip of your left index finger downward across your
    right palm then sign the left hand letter A handshape on and sign for HAMBURGER was made cupping your left hand on top of your right hand .
    now reverse the position of both hands we added Whataburger ?

  3. Amber

    I love your website dictionary! I use it all the time to help teach our little kiddos in K-2 to communicate with a deaf boy. The visuals are friendly and very fitting for this age group. Your sign for work only shows the video, no printable. Is it possible to show a child sitting at there desk “working” with the sign in the corner?
    That would be very helpful in an educational setting!

  4. Kate

    nevermind, I found it! It was much easier to find it with the timeline, however, it would still be more helpful to have a bigger database here :-)

  5. Kate

    It would be handy to have all the signs here, instead of having to search through months’ worth of posts for a particular sign.

  6. Mey Lau

    Join us on Facebook, we are happy to provide you guidance for additional signs. If you scroll down a little on FB comments you will find the welcome sign.

  7. lana

    Ive started signing with my infant and am learning so much. He likes it to. However, I want to learn welcome. Does anyone know welcome?

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