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Video: Thank You in Baby Sign Language

Signing: To sign thank you, extend your fingers and thumb. Touch you fingers to your chin and bring your fingers forward. It is almost like you are blowing a kiss out, to thank the person – but the sign is a bit lower.

Thank You in Baby Sign Language
Figure: Thank You in Baby Sign Language

Usage: The thank you sign is a great gentle introduction to manners. It is great to get older babies in the habit of saying thank you when given something. The thank you sign is also a great way to remind older kids to be polite when out in public without being overbearing or embarrassing them.

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Flash Card: Click the link to view the Thank you Baby Sign Language Flash Card. The flash cards are printable and available in both U.S. Letter and A4 sizes.

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13 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Cali

    I am a 9 year old and my little brother is only 1 year. He won’t talk very much, but I looked at this website and I wondered if it could teach me and him. Now he can talk and talk in signlanguage.🙂❤️

    ADMIN – Hi Cali,

    You are such a gifted and generous little girl. We have many stories of older siblings who have served as the facilitator for language with their little siblings. You are awesome and he is so lucky to have you

  2. Christina

    Hi there.
    What are the key differences between the sign for good and thank you?
    They look so similar to me. Thanks so much.

    ADMIN – Hi Christina,
    Good is signed by placing the fingers of your right hand against your lips. Move your right hand into the palm of your left hand. Both hands should be facing upward.

    Thank you is made by starting with the fingers of your dominant hand near your lips. Start with a flat hand and move your hand forward and a bit down in the direction of the person you are thanking.

  3. Jenna

    Hey, LOVE this site!
    Was just wondering what the sign for ‘no thankyou’?
    My daughter is only 15 months, but I’d like her to be able to politely decline getting picked up, or fussed over by other people (rather than pushing their face away!).

    ADMIN – Hi Jenna,

    For a negative just move your head as in saying no and then make the sign for thank you.

  4. Sam

    Is there a difference between thank you and good ? I don’t want to confuse my little one they seem identical

    ADMIN – Hi Sam,

    It is the same sign what dictates the meaning is the context.

  5. Kristen

    Thank you for these videos, they have been very helpful! I’ve noticed as I teach my son more signs he begins to just use some of them randomly. For example, the other day he gave me the sign to for milk and I didn’t get to him fast enough (he was with me at work) so then he started to sign food and more and then he kept alternating between the three signs until I was able to nurse him. Sometimes when he wants a snack he signs for more; would it be safe to assume he knows the signs or that he thinks they are interchangeable? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Kristen,

    He has a need for nourishment and he will try every sign he knows until he gets something to eat. As he matures he will discern between signs and begin to convey specific preferences.

  6. Sam matthews

    I have a 16 month old I’ve taught him the sign for more and I wanted to do thank you. I know he knows what they mean but he’s a bit slow on saying them. Should he be saying these words by now?

    ADMIN – Hi Sam,

    Only saying a few words at 16 months is not unusual – particularly for boys. For most children, it is just a matter of time before their language window opens. If you are concerned about this or something doesn’t feel right, check in with your pediatrician’s office.

  7. linda

    I am confused with signs for “Good” and “Thank you”. How are they different? Thank you!

    Hi Linda,
    There is a very slight difference between the signs “GOOD” and “THANK YOU” is that the sign “THANK YOU” is “directional.” That means it is signed toward the person whom is being thanked.

  8. Marleena Ytuarte

    Is thank you and your welcome the same?

    ADMIN – Hi Marleena,

    You can use the same sing for both thank you and you’re welcome. You’re welcome is also done by making a sweeping motion like you are outlining the underside of a bowl.

  9. Terra

    Hi! I love your videos! They are so helpful! I have a three month old I am starting to sign to. I was wondering, are the signs on this website ASL? Thanks so much for your help!

    Hi Terra,
    Yes the signs are ASL

  10. Lindsey

    What is the difference between the signs for “thank you” and “good”?

    ADMIN – Hi Lindsey,

    The signing motion for good and thank you are the same. One small difference is that when you sign thank you, you sign it in the direction of the person you are thinking. Good is signed straight ahead.

  11. C Merrill

    Thank you for this great site. My granddaughter loves watching your signing. She has been saying milk and more since she was 9 months old. She really likes the eat sign. =)

  12. Cinthia Mesquita

    Thank you so much for this great website! The videos are so helpful! I’m looking forward to teaching my infant how to sign.

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