Video: Smile in Baby Sign Language

Signing: We sign smile by drawing a smile on both ends of our mouth with both index fingers.

Smile in Baby Sign Language
Figure: Smile in Baby Sign Language

Usage: Teaching our babies about happiness is super important. Smile often and your baby will catch on in no time.

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4 Responses to “Smile”

  1. Myra

    My daughter is 1 and let’s me know what she wants with signing. It’s so helpful since she isn’t able to communicate fully through speaking yet. I love it!

  2. Jennifer

    I like the sign language part. We use some signs with my son I find them helpful

  3. Chelsea A Ramon

    This has been very informative and has taught me a few new things to try with my daughter. She is very difficult when it comes to brushing, so I am going to try to make brushing more fun. I am also going to get her the Elmo brushing book.

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