Q to T Words – Baby Sign Language Dictionary

Queen Rabbit Sad Table
Quick Racoon Salad Take Turns
Quiet Radio Same Talk
Quilt Rain Sandwich Tall
Rainbow School Taste
Rat Scissors Taxi
Rattle Seal Teacher
Read See Television
Ready Shampoo Tell
Rectangle Share Tent
Recycle Shark Thank You
Red Sharp Thanksgiving
Refrigerator Sheep Thick
Reptile Shirt Thin
Restaurant Short Thirsty
Rice  Swing Throw Away
Ride Thunder
Ring Ticket
River Shoes Tie
Rock Short Tiger
Roof Show Time
Rope Shower Tired
Run Shrimp Tissue
 Remote Control Shy Toast
Sick Together
Sign Toilet
Sing Tomato
Sink Tools
Sister Toothbrush
Sit Toothpaste
Skate Touch
Ski Towel
Skinny Toy
Skunk Trade
Sky Train
Sled Travel
Sleep Tree
Slide Triplet
Slow Truck
Smart Try
Smell Turkey
Smile Turtle
Snack Twin
Snake  Teeth
Sneeze Tractor 
Swimming Suit


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35 Responses to “Q to T Words – Baby Sign Language Dictionary”

  1. Kristie

    Hi there. This site is amazing and I am so grateful for it!

    I am trying to track down the sign for stranger. Is there a sign for it or is it finger spelled?

    Thanks a million!

    ADMIN – Hi Kristie,

    That is usually finger-spelled

  2. Cristy

    Hi. I’m working towards getting my diploma in Early Childhood Education. I am working on an assignment with sensory materials from the beach including sea shells, water and stones.
    I want to include other forms of language and literacy with a 15 month old. I have a book called Hands and Hearts by Donna Jo Napoli but missing is a sign for sea shell, which is one of the primary objects I have for the young toddler to hold. The book does have a sign for water, which is great but could you inform me of how to sign for sea shell. There are so many varieties of sea shell also so i wanted a sign that could represent them as a group.
    I couldn’t find answers on other websites and only came across a youtube video of a woman signing sea shell. Please check the link :
    Looking for feedback if this sign would be good for use in my interaction with a 15 month old for sea shells.
    Looking forward to your email.

    ADMIN – Hi Christy,

    To sign shell you close the fist of your non-dominant hand and you cup your dominant hand on top of it moving it from the back to the front as in following the contour of a sea shell.

  3. Kelsey CB

    Is there a sign language for storytime, like storytime at the library? I combine the book sign with the library sign but not sure if there is a more universal one.

    ADMIN – Hi Kelsey,

    I do something similar. I sign book and then I sign time.

  4. Abbi

    Is there a sign sequence for ‘ready, set, go’? Or do you have a better suggestion for a sign to indicate I’m ready and it’s safe for her to get into the pool?

    ADMIN – Hi Abbi,

    When I was tasked with teaching toddlers how to swim I used a finger snap to indicate readiness.

  5. Grandma

    What is the sign for …soft ?

    ADMIN – Hi Grandma,

    To sign soft you put both hands in front of you and you squeeze imaginary cotton balls with fingertips pointing up.

  6. Megan

    Hi I’ve been looking everywhere online but can’t seem to find the sign for “raspberry”
    Please help D;

    ADMIN – Hi Megan,

    Raspberry is traditionally finger-spelled.

  7. Meghan

    I’m looking for the sign for tickles or tickling?

    ADMIN – Hi Meghan,

    The sign for tickle is the dominant hand moving under the chin as if in tickling the chin.

  8. BJ

    could you add “think” many fingers on forehead

    ADMIN – Hi BJ,

    That is not a heavily requested word for babies and toddlers since it is an abstract. If you need special order cards for a project our artist can do it for a donation of $20 to cover his fees.

  9. Dani

    Do you know what the sign for ‘tickle’ is?

    ADMIN – Hi Dani,

    Hold your dominant hand in front and tickle the palm of your non-dominant hand.

  10. Justen

    Hi, do you have a sign for “sell”? Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Justen,

    To sign sell you move both hands back and forth while your fingers are together and pointing down.

  11. Brie

    Do you have a flash card for the word “Say”?

    ADMIN – Hi Brie,

    We don’t but I have added your request to our list.

  12. Tanja


    do you have a sign for tram? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Tanja,

    To sign tram your middle and index fingers hook on the thumb of the opposite hand and pull it back and forth.

  13. Nelly

    Would you please add a video signing raisins? I would greatly appreciate it.

    ADMIN – Hi Nelly,

    I have added your request to the queue. It may take me a while. In the interim stop by our Facebook page and I will post how to sign raisins.

  14. Megan

    What is the sign for throw, as in throw the ball?

    ADMIN – Hi Megan,
    Start by placing the pad of your thumb on the fingernails of your index and middle fingers. Change that handshape into an “H” handshape as you thrust your hand in the direction of the path of whatever is being thrown.

  15. melanie

    What is a sign for “cartoons”?

    ADMIN – Hi Melanie,

    The sign for cartoons is usually finger spelled. Why not create your own sign by combining the sign for television with the sign for doll?

  16. Misty

    What is tractor?

    ADMIN – Hi Misty,

    We sign tractor by mimicking driving of a steering wheel wider than our body.

  17. Kaye

    We desperately need the sign for “tractor”.

    ADMIN-Hi Kaye

    Your non dominant hand points “3” fingers (middle, index and thumb) to represent a “vehicle” (thumb pointing up) and then use a right hand “C” to represent the bucket of a tractor. Put the base of the right thumb on the tip of the left index finger and pivot the bucket a couple times to show how the bucket moves.

  18. Ilona

    Hi – I am using this in the UK as I cannot find anything helpful online for BSL baby signing. This is a great site! It is so useful – I have it bookmarked on my phone so I can refer to it all the time. My son is only 9 months but is yet to start teething, so I would love the signs for teeth and/or mouth so I can try and teach him to tell me when he starts to feel pain?
    Thank you!!

    ADMIN – Hi Ilona,

    Most of the signs associated to anatomy are simply done by pointing to the organ. So teach baby to point to his teeth or mouth as needed.

  19. Zoesl

    Hi – you have a video for tomato but have not put a link to it on this page. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Zoesi,

    He have added Tomato.

  20. Sherry H.

    Any chance you’d record yourself signing the theme song to Sesame Street? It would be an Internet first! I was shocked to find zero results on YouTube, or even just a Google search. My fingers are crossed! My 18 month old loves signing! I’ve signed (what little bit I know) since he was only a few months old. I learned the ASL ABC song, and he. Just. Loves. It! My fingers are crossed!

  21. Casey

    Is there a sign for smoothie? We would use it every day! 🙂

    Admin – Hi Casey,

    We sign smoothie by combining the sign for blending with the sign for each fruit. To sign blend circle index of your dominant hand pointing up inside a semi circle made with your thumb and index of non dominant hand.

  22. Jessica

    How about triangle? I see circle, square, and rectangle. But not triangle. Thanks! We love this site!

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    Start with both index fingers pointing forward and meeting together as in the top of a triangle. Pull the fingers down as in drawing the sides of a triangle and then close your triangle by having both index fingers meet in the center of the bottom of your triangle.

  23. Arianne Butler

    Hi. I’m using this web sight from the UK as we have nothing like this via BSL. I think this sight is amazing and has given me so much to work with with my 2yr old so who lacks the ability to say very few recognisable words.

    Could you please tell me how to sign


    Many thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Arianne,

    The sign for cucumber is available inside the free baby sign language printable in our gardening spring activity. As for Satsuma we use the sign for letter S combined with the sign for orange

  24. Ely

    What’s are the baby signs for today and tomorrow?

    ADMIN – Hi Ely,

    Babies don’t generally embrace the concept of today and tomorrow but the signs are as follows:

    Today: made by placing both of your hands in front of you in “Y” handshapes. Each hand should be pointing upward. Sharply drop both of your hands a short distance. Bounce it twice.

    Tomorrow: close your dominant hand into a fist with the thumb pointing out, raise your hand to your cheek and do a half circle around your cheek.

  25. Julia H

    Do you have a sign for “stool”, as in step stool? My daughter can’t say “stool” well at all, but she always wants me to get her’s down so she can “help” (which she says in sign language very well).

    Thanks for making this dictionary of signs available to us, we REALLY enjoy using sign for all the words hard-to-say, and it impresses lots of people when we’re out and about 🙂

    ADMIN – Hi Julia H,

    You are quite welcome, we currently don’t have a sign for step stool but as we continue to build the website we will certainly take your suggestion into account.

  26. GG

    Do you have a flashcard/sign for verb roll (as in roll it up)? Want to use for a lesson plan, and can’t find it! Thanks

    ADMIN – HI GG,

    The baby sign for roll is achieved by pointing both index fingers toward each other while keeping all other fingers closed and making circles one hand goes clockwise and the other goes counterclockwise. It looks like you are rolling yarn

  27. Nicole

    I have been enjoying the site. My oldest son and I sit together and learn new signs to teach my 6 month old. Do you know if there is a sign for santa and christmas. My oldest son is wanting so badly to teach his baby brother that santa is coming.


    ADMIN – HI Nicole,

    Check out our collection of Christmas signs.

  28. jennifer walker

    Im looking for the word roll. He goes to a gymnastics class & learning forward rolls. I would love to sign this to my Lo. In class they are teaching a sign for roll that looks like come here. I dont wanna confuse my baby. So ate the signs just similar? Please help. Im one confused momma. Thx 🙂

  29. Lisa Langley

    Do you have a sign for spider?

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    We have added the sign for spider above.

  30. Apryl Conway

    What about the sign for tomatoes? i have been working a garden and would love to be able to sign some veggies! Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Apryl,

    The sign for tomato is linked above.


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