Video: Play in Baby Sign Language

Signing: To sign play, take both hands and extend your pinkie fingers and thumbs, while keeping the rest of your fingers tucked in. Holding the two hands out with palms facing you, shimmy them around a little by twisting them back and forth.

The sign looks a little like your hands are doing a little dance for joy.

Play in Baby Sign Language
Figure: Play in Baby Sign Language

Usage: Make the play sign before you sit down to any time of game or toys. As your baby gets more advanced you can compound play with the name of the toy. Want to play with bear?

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Flash Card: Click the link to view the Play Baby Sign Language Flash Card. The flash cards are printable and available in both U.S. Letter and A4 sizes.

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3 Responses to “Play”

  1. Claire

    This was helpful I am teaching my one year old daughter to do sign language for her deaf aunt. And I just could not remember how to do the sign for play

  2. OP

    Is there a specific sign for “tickle”, please? Thank you.

    ADMIN-Hi Jennifer,

    The sign for tickle is as follows, bring dominant hand to chin, stretch neck up and “tickle” under chin by wiggling all your fingers.

  3. Carrie Nelson

    My name is Carrie and I’m an occupational therapy graduate student. I’m creating a handbook of manual signs for my master’s project and was wondering if I would be able to use a couple of your pictures in the handbook (the “cartoon” female with the green shirt). I have most of the signs from (with permission) but there are a few that I’d rather use from this site if possible. This handbook will be available to OT students for use during their pediatric clinical experiences, in order to promote communication with children who already use signs. This will not be for sale (no profit will result from the distribution of this handbook). Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your time!

    Carrie Nelson, OTS

    ADMIN – Hi Carrie,

    Sounds like a great project. That is fine with us.

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