Video: Later in Baby Sign Language

Signing:Make both hands into Y-shapes, with your thumb and pinkie fingers extended and your three middle fingers curled. Starting with your hands up, bring them down to sign now.

Now in Baby Sign Language
Figure: Now in Baby Sign Language

Usage:As your child’s signing gets more sophisticated you can introduce the dimension of time. You can use, signs like now and later. Lets have a bath now, or lets have a bath later.

Now Flash Card Thumbnail

Flash Card: Click the link to view the Now Baby Sign Language Flash Card. The flash cards are printable and available in both U.S. Letter and A4 sizes.

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2 Responses to “Now”

  1. Yassy

    Hi thanks I was looking to how I can say I Want Cake Now

    ADMIN – Hi Yassy,

    When we are talking about babies we can safely assume that all things are wanted immediately so you can simply point to self, then do the sign for want and finish with cake.

  2. Melissa

    The video for “Now” is the video for “later”. Thought you should let your tech team be aware of it

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for your feedback we have made the necessary corrections.

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