4 Responses to “Words with the Letter N – Baby Sign Language Dictionary”

  1. Sara

    Hi there,
    Ummm…can you please add the sign for “never”?
    Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Sara,

    We will look into adding it next year.

  2. Chey

    How would you sign “ noodle “ or “ noodles?

    ADMIN – Hi Chay,

    Go to our dictionary and look under P for pasta

  3. Jakub

    where can I find a list of signable (not spell-signable – I mean signable with one sign) names?
    Also, is the grammar of BSL similar to ASL?

    ADMIN – Hi Jakub,

    I am unfortunately not familiar with the grammar of BSL. As for name lists you might want to consult with the local council for the deaf.

  4. Chey

    How do you sign “name”

    ADMIN – Hi Chey,

    To sign name you make the sign for the letter H with both hands and you circle them around.


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