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  1. Ashleigh Morris

    How do you say Merry for Merry Christmas? I know how to say Christmas but haven’t found Merry

    ADMIN – Hi Ashleigh,

    To say Merry you use the same sign as happy.

  2. Kristen Gibson

    What is the sign for markers? We are coloring with markers

    ADMIN – Hi Kristen,

    The sign for markers is finger-spelled. For that reason I prefer to use the sign for pen combined with the sign for color. Both signs are available in our video dictionary.

  3. Morgan

    Hello, what is the sign for Mango?.. cheers!

    ADMIN – Hi Morgan,

    To do the baby sign for Mango: Extend three middle fingers together from fist, in front of chin, palm downwards. Rotate hand at wrist so that palm faces chin, then back to start position.

  4. Alaina Beaudette

    I know this one may be a bit more difficult, but what is the sign for meerkat?

  5. Jacque

    What is the sign for “mouth”? Thanks!!

    ADMIN – Hi Jacque,

    To do the baby sign language sign for mouth raise your right hand to your mouth and pointing with your index make a circle around your mouth.

  6. savanna

    We would like to know the sign for more please?

    ADMIN – Hi Savanna,

    We have added the sign for more. Appreciate the suggestion.

  7. marilyn

    I am using sign language in our childcare center. thanks so much for your website. it really helps us.

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