To sign love, make your hands into fists and cross your arms across your chest, as if giving your self a big squeeze.



Though the sign for love is similar to hug, we more commonly use the sign for I love you.


Flash Card

With abstract concepts and emotions, we prefer to use the sign to reinforce behaviors. For example, we tell our little ones to help with love.


3 Responses to “Love”

  1. tamika

    Is there a shorter way to say I Love My Family

    ADMIN – Hi Tamika

    Just use love and Family skip transitional words

  2. Tuğba Saygı

    Hi Tugdba, hello, we started teaching (and learning ourselves:)) baby sign language when our daughter was 4 months old. Now she is 11m old and understands more then 13 signs and reacts in some way but she does not respond signs with signing back. She’s able to use her hands and fingers very well, motor skills developing good but even though understanding, not signs. Is it normal? For example she began to talk a few words like papa, mama and grandmother with her own words but does not sign..

    ADMIN – Hi Tugba,

    Sounds like she understands the signs, but has not made the connection that she can initiate the signs herself. Since she is older and has been doing it for so long, I think you can be a little more proactive in trying to help her do her fist few signs. First, try to move her hands to make the sign. For example, during mealtime giver her a small serving, then move her fingers to sign more, and give her another serving. Second, you can model the sign with a partner. For example, your partner signs grape, and then you give them a grape.

  3. Debra Stinson

    Hi! Love your site. We have begun using it a lot with our 6 month old grandson. Is it possible to sign picture books to babies? I read quite a few popular books to him: Several of Eric Carle’s, especially The Hungry Caterpillar; Baby animal books, Counting books (1-5 or 1-10), nursery rhymes, Dr. Suess, etc. I would like to sign more of the major parts/concepts of the stories to him but cannot find the signs to do so. Like with the hungry caterpillar I would love to know the signs for hunger, caterpillar and the various foods it munches through. Or with counting, we have a “Five Little Ladybugs…” but again do not know signs for ladybugs, fish, duck, turtle, frog, or the numbers. So, I didn’t know if you ever signed some of these books on this site or as a part of your e-newsletter? Thought it would be a great idea! Thanks again for such a great site! D.

    ADMIN – Hi Debra,

    We love signing along to books. The simpler the book, the better for babies. Since you like Eric Carle’s, his book “Brown Bear” is particularly good … each page being a different animal.


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