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  1. Jennifer

    What is the sign for lawnmower please?

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    The sign for mower is done by first doing the sign for grass which consists on both hands in front of you palms facing your body and fingers extended up pretending to be blades of grass followed by the motion of pushing a mower.



    ADMIN – Hi Natalie,

    We are currently not making additional sign figures unless the sign is in high demand. Look is signed by pointing to your eye and pointing to the other person immediately. As for the sign look and in It looks like a monster

    The sign for “look-like” utilizes the index finger that changes into a “Y” . The “Y” position makes a slight side to side motion. You will start by touching or just bringing the index finger near to the cheek underneath the eye and then doing an quick version of the sign for “same.”

  3. Julien

    How do you do Lizard? My daughter has a book with a lizard. I’ve been using reptile but I’d like to know lizard.

    ADMIN – Hi Julien,

    Your non-dominant arm is in front of with palm down creating a flat surface that points downwards. Your dominant hand is the lizard that walks up the arm your index and middle fingers are the feet of the lizard.

  4. Aurelia

    Please add “lady bug” to your dictionary.

    ADMIN – Hi Aurelia,

    Thanks so much for your suggestion. We will work on it when we are ready to load the next batch.

  5. Nancy Richburg

    This is the best site, I have 1 grand child she’s 21/2. I use this site to teach her to sign. She absorbs it, we do 2 new words a day and go over what she already knows. I have had to start writing words down to start writing words down she has learned so many.

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