6 Responses to “J Words – Baby Sign Language Dictionary”

  1. Sara

    How do you sign “jealous”?

    ADMIN – Hi Sara,

    Jealous is finger-spelled.

  2. Tori

    Is there a simple sign for jello?

    ADMIN – Hi Tori,

    Jello is finger-spelled but at our house we cup our dominant hand and shake it a little the way jello shakes.

  3. Julie

    What about jacket, and jello?

    ADMIN – Hi Julie,

    For jacket please refer to coat
    I have added Jello to our editorial list hopefully we will load it soon.

  4. Moriah

    What about “juice”? I know its not something babies are normally given, but I’m working with a 5 year old who wants to know

  5. Amy

    How about other “J” words such as jump? It’s one of my son’s favorite things to do!


    ADMIN – Hi Amy,

    Jump is a fun word, we will add it to the dictionary. Thanks for suggesting it.

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