I Love You

To sign I love you, put up your thumb, index finger and pinkie finger, while keeping your ring finger and your middle finger down. Hold the hand out, palm facing away from you and move it back and forth slightly.



What could be sweeter than exchanging I love you with your baby?


Flash Card

This is one of the cutest signs ever. We use it to connect with our babies and constantly remind them just how much we love them!


25 Responses to “I Love You”

  1. allison

    hi i’m Allison, iv’e seen the movie the Silent Voice, and i was wondering, if some people who are deaf feel the same or similar feelings that Shoko felt?

    • Baby Sign Language Administrator

      Hi Allison, I haven’t seen the movie myself, but right off the bat, as a human being, and depending on Shoko’s other life circumstances (apart from being deaf) as well as personality traits and tendencies, do you think normal-hearing people could have the feelings that Shoko experienced, too? If your answer is yes, then such things are universal possibilities, not necessarily relevant to Shoko simply due to hearing impairedness. Hope that answers your question. When I get around to watching the film, I’ll give you an updated response (if it applies). Thanks.

  2. Emily

    Hello just a quick question. Is baby sign the same signs that are used in ASL? or is this sort of a spin off to make it easier for the babies to understand?

    • Baby Sign Language Administrator

      Hi Emily, yes and no. While the foundation of BSL is definitely ASL, some of our signs are simplified or substituted by a synonymous, more popular sign, as can be expected, so that baby can learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings as quickly as possible, avoiding tears and tantrums in the process.

  3. M Cynthia

    My Grandbaby loves your videos.
    Although he speaks words.They teach sign language as part of his curriculum at his preschool.
    He’ll be 2yrs old Sept 2019
    I love practicing with him. He loves it

  4. CW

    I have been signing basic things to my granddaughter since she was a few weeks old. She is six months now – she doesn’t sign yet but I have noticed especially over the last several weeks she really watches me when I’m signing and talking to her. I really feel like she is trying to connect my signing with the words / people, objects etc that I am using. I’m excited to see her really start to communicate !

  5. Harriffan Conshertini

    I can’t make this sign:-(
    I need my thumb to hold the fingers down

    ADMIN – Hi Harri,

    Sorry about that.

  6. Brooklyn

    Very helpful, attempting to become fluent in sign language thank you! 👍

  7. Melissa

    How long generally does it take for babies to learn these? I have a 6 month old. Ty

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    Generally if you start at six months you will see the first attempts when they are 9 to 11 months.

  8. jessica williams

    I just want to say thank you! I am heard of hearing and this helps me know what my little 19 month old girl needs. She has been doing it so long now and I’m looking forward to teaching it to my new little one coming in April! Only thing is when others does have to keep her they do not know all the ones she does. My sister, niece and mother-in-law tries but my mom will not even consider it.😔 Also I get asked a lot if she can’t hear and I have to let them know no. That it is my way of talking to her since my hearing is getting worse.

  9. Christina

    Hello, I find myself in a situation I never thought I would be in. Do to a horrible time in my life I was unable to work with my son on baby signs when he was younger…now at 3 he is still completely non-verbal and working with a speech teacher there are signs that it may take a few years to get him to the point of speech so I am very behind on ball trying to teach him signs, he shows no interest at all in learning, and suggestions to get him started? Thank you for your help.

    ADMIN – Hi Christina,

    Find something like food or toys that are appealing to your baby and use it to transition into verbal or signed communication.

  10. Debra

    I have wanted to sign as far back as I can remember. I am on my way. I have a 1 year old grand daughter now and we will learn together.

  11. jennifer

    I use this on my 9 and 13 year old ,,,, when saying I love u is just to embarasing in front of their friends

  12. sharon

    My daughter in law started signing with my 15 month old grandson amazing how they learn They say we’re never to old to learn I love it. We put it on his I pad and he just learns more and more.

  13. Jack

    I know this is for babies learning how to sign, but this is also a great way for people that are older to learn as well. My girlfriend is deaf and this is helping me a lot to learn asl and I just want to thank you guys for your help

  14. Josh

    I did this sign with my 21 month old son tonight when I put him to bed. He responded the same way except he pointed back at me with both index fingers. It was a great moment.

  15. Jen

    Angela Brackhahn – We are just teaching our 14mth old ‘help’ and she does a similar thing when she is signing ‘help’. She entwines her fingers and can’t quite get her thumb up yet. ?could be what it was?

  16. sukena davis

    I have a 15 months son that has down syndrome. I am trying to learn how to commutate with him. He seems to enjoy learning how to commutate doing sign language. We only been trying this for a few days.

  17. JoyKayla5

    I love this websites the sign s are so easy to learn and we enjoys doing this everyday together I just think something magical can happen!

  18. Davis

    It seems the sign for I LOVE YOU in the BLS Dictionary that came with my kit looks different than what is being demonstrated in your on-line dictionary. I am curious to know how to gesture the one that is in the book-do you have that sample available anywhere? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Davis,

    Yes, like all language there are multiple ways to communicate something in American Sign Language. There are a couple of variations for I love you, and we have added a second variation in the second video above. Thanks for the suggestion.

  19. Jen Hay

    Thank you for the printable flash cards. I am using them to teach my son’s kindergarten class sign language. They are great for the kids to take home and practice.

  20. Angela Brackhahn

    My 20 months old grandson is learning some sign language at school. Yesterday, Christmas day, I was holding my little 9 months old granddaughter. He came to me with his hands clasped, fingers entwined, fingers down and was trying to tell me something. His parents didn’t know what it meant. I figured he didn’t want me holding his cousin. Could someone tell me what it means? He did it about 5 times. Thank you!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    Great to hear your grandson is learning to sign in school. That doesn’t sound like any sign we know. Ask his teachers, his school may be teaching non-ASL signs (or may have taught hand actions that go along to a song), or he might have just been playing with his hands.


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