6 Responses to “I to L Words – Baby Sign Language Dictionary”

  1. Tayisha Guzman

    What is the sign for Levi
    What is the sign for Mercedes
    What is the sign for Cid

    ADMIN – Hi Tayisha,

    All names are finger-spelled.

  2. B

    Hi! Is there a sign for “jewelry”? Love the site, & appreciate your help.

    ADMIN – Hi B,

    To sign jewelry just expand the fingers on both hands with full separation and pull them from the center of your chest upwards as if you are drawing a necklace.

  3. Mckayla

    I’m trying to learn a little Sign Language how do you sign Life style

    ADMIN – Hi McKayla,

    Please refer to an adult guide to help you with words like lifestyle.

  4. Laura

    Can you help me with the sign for koala?

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    I will put it on my list.

  5. Anna

    Can you add lucky or leperchaun?

    ADMIN – Hi Anna,

    I will include it in my to do list and eventually I will post it.