Video: Hungry in Baby Sign Language

Signing: To make the sign for hungry, take your hand and make it into a c-shape with your palm facing your body. Start with your hand around your neck and move it down. The sign is a lot like food going down into your stomach.

Hungry in Baby Sign Language
Figure: Hungry in Baby Sign Language

Usage: We teach this sign by making it before feeding the baby. Especially during times when the baby is acting like they are hungry and getting fussy so the baby associates hungry with wanting food.

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Flash Card: Click the link to view the Hungry Baby Sign Language Flash Card. The flash cards are printable and available in both U.S. Letter and A4 sizes.

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3 Responses to “Hungry”

  1. Savanah

    I ordered this kit about two months ago and I have been teaching my cousin and he is doing so much better with singing so we can understand him so much better now and if he has a tantrum he dose sings to tell us what is wrong. It is awesome and also a mericle.

  2. Rick


    My brother had the same issue with his first child. He and his wife used sign language to communicate with him. After much testing, the found that he suffered from Speech Apraxia. They started having a speech therapist work with him and now he won’t stop talking. :-) Not saying that Speech Apraxia is the reason your granddaughter is not talking, but it might be something to look into.


  3. patricia

    my granddaughter is 20 mos. and is not talking… she makes noises and jabbers a lot but no one can understand her. her hearing is fine…she was tongue-tied at birth. i guess my question is will this kit help her communicate with us. my daughter is frustrated because she won’t say mommy. she has learned just two signs from her cousin.. more and please and she uses them appropriately. i can see she is very strong willed and stubborn and very bright even at this early age. i didn’t know if you had more advanced kits or if this one will grow with her.

    Hi Patricia,
    The dictionary included in the kit offers hundreds of new words to use with your granddaughter. Additionally given her age I think she will really enjoy the Signing Time videos. With a little patience and determinations she will be signing in no time.

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