The sign for finished looks like you are pushing something away with your pinkies. Start the sign by taking both your hands opened up with palms facing you. Flick your hands around so that you end with your palms facing out.

Finished is the same sign as all done.



Finished is one of the signs I like to teach early. It gives your baby a way to signal when they are done with the food. So instead of them playing with the remaining food on their tray, they can signal when they are done. To teach the sign, at the end of the meal, I make the finished sign. "We are all finished."


Flash Card

Teach the sign finished at the end of meal, remember to say the word aloud. It's also good to remember that teaching baby contrasting signs is helpful in reinforcing the new words. Teach more along with finished, so baby can tell you what their state is.


12 Responses to “Finished”

  1. Xichitl

    Es bueno saber entender a los niños.

    ADMIN – Cierto, Xichitl. Y por enseñar a los niños cómo entenderte también.

  2. Rubi arreguin

    Muy interesante el saber cómo enseñar a mi hijo.

    ADMIN – Si Rubi ¿Cómo ha sido la experiencia hasta ahora? Por supuesto, puede usar los letreros para enseñar a su hijo en español o inglés.

  3. ana

    Wonderful. The sign for ‘finished’ is easy to guess for any parent who doesn’t even have an ASL background.

  4. Johnny

    I’m confused about “finished” and “all done”.

    I see “all done” is pretty simple to implement, and we had been using it for being all done with meals or all done with diaper changes.

    With “finished” I wondered if we were improperly using “all done” when we should’ve used “finished”. The problem is that I worry that “finished” looks a lot like “excited” or “happy” and might confuse our daughter.

    Any advice on this?

    Also, any way around doing two-handed signs when one arm is tied up (say if you’re holding baby or something else)?



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