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  1. NAT


    ADMIN – Hi Nat,

    At the moment we don’t mainly because babies utilize the sign for I plus the emotion which is the proper grammatical structure for sign language.

    That is I + Hungry

  2. April

    Hi there, I really want to know what the word “for ” is
    I.e ‘it’s for me’

    ADMIN – Hi April,

    The grammatical construct for phrases in sign language is a little bit different. To simplify what you are trying to convey I would sign me by pointing to self with index and then I will point to the object of my desire.

  3. Andrea

    What is the word for flie (the insect)?

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

    Fly is a spelled word that does not have a single motion sign.

  4. Marlene

    Since a lot of babies have two grandmothers and two grandfathers, any suggestions on how to distinquish between them?

    For instance, I am Granny and the other grandmother is Grandma? Won’t have the issue with the grandfather, there is only one with us.

    Also I have ordered your ultra, but just have not received it yet, therefore it might be in the kit, but do you have videos of the Alphabet Letters also?



    ADMIN – Hi Marlene,

    We always love to hear from grandmas! You do make the best and most patient baby sign language teachers. There are multiple ways to extend a sign to identify relatives in instances where you have more than one. Our favorite is the sign plus first initial. Currently our website does not have the alphabet in video format but I will send you a cheat sheet via email. Your Ultra Baby Sign Language Kit will contain a variety of advanced methods and ideas to overcome issues like this. Also keep in mind that before you know it your grandchild will be verbal making this a nonissue.

  5. Keely

    Looking for the sign for Frisbee. Is there one? My little guy loves to play with our dog!


    ADMIN-Hi Keely,
    The sign for freebie is done by having your dominant hand throw an invisible freebie forward.

  6. Shannon

    What is an easy baby sign for flamingo?

    Hi Shannon,
    Make a V with index and middle of dominant hand and place it right under the nose, pull it down in a clean U shape and have your fingers end pointing toward the other party at this point have center and index meet twice with thumb as in a flamingo beak eating.

  7. Andrew Latshaw

    My soon to be 5yr old will sign when she’s hungry and we’re on the go. Is there a sign for French fries?

    My daughter can hear, she is just non verbal. She will eat very few things.

    I ask her if she’s hungry if she’d like chicken and I will sign chicken + food.

    Would be great if there is a sign that she’ll be able to ask for fries. I cannot get her to eat consistently, so if she is hungry, I want to give her the ability to do so!

    Please reply?

    Hi Andrew,
    Here is the link for the baby sign you can use for fries

  8. Maria Gomulkiewicz


    Would you please share the sign for free on the Baby Sign Language Dictionary?

    Many thanks!
    Maria :)

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