E to H Words – Baby Sign Language Dictionary

Earring Fall Down Game Hair
Earphones Family Garage Hairbrush
Eat Fan Garbage Hall
Egg Farm / Farmer Garden Hamburger
Elephant Fast Gate Hanukkah
Enjoy Favorite Gentle Happy
Excited Feather Get Dressed Hat
Excuse Me Feet Gift Hear
Exercise Ferret Giraffe Heart
Eye Glasses Find Girl Helicopter
 Easter Finished Give Hello
Fire Glasses Help
Firefighter Gloves High
Fireworks Glue Hill
Fish Go Hippo
Fix Goat Hit (person)
Flag God Hit (ball)
Flashlight Good Holiday
Floor Good morning Horse
Flower Good night Hospital
Food Goodbye Hot
Fork Goose Hot Dog
Fox Gorilla House
French Fries Grandfather How
Friend Grandmother How Much
Frog Grapes Hug
Fruit Grass Hungry
Frustrated Gray Hurry
Full Green Hurt
Fun Gross  Halloween
Funny Grumpy  Heater
 Fairy Guitar


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8 Responses to “E to H Words – Baby Sign Language Dictionary”

  1. Rena Harbeck

    How would you say hold? As in please hold my doll

    ADMIN – Hi Rena,

    The sign for hold is your dominant hand in a fist going around in a clockwise circle in front of you.

  2. Tina poe

    What is the sign for ear?

    ADMIN – Hi Tina,

    Most body parts are signed by pointing to the body part with the index of your dominant hand.

  3. Nicola Snelgrove

    Hi, what is the sign for hammer please?

    ADMIN – Hi Nicola,

    The sign for hammer is as follows: Close your dominant hand with thumb at top a as if holding a giant nail. Use your dominant hand to mimic a hammer by closing all fingers and extending your thumb. Hammer the nail twice.

  4. Josh

    What does the index finger pointing to open handed palm touching each other mean heard it was more?? Trying to teach my daughter at daycare

    ADMIN – Hi Josh,

    I encourage you to read our guide to teaching baby sign language online or by buying the kit. More is signed by having your hands closed with fingers meeting at the center of your body.

  5. Cara

    Hi there, my little one and I play a “where is” game when out & about. Could you possibly tell me what the sign is for here it is/there it is?
    Many thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Cara,

    You simply sign here or there. The qualifier it is is not needed.