E to H Words – Baby Sign Language Dictionary

Earring Fall Down Game Hair
Earphones Family Garage Hairbrush
Eat Fan Garbage Hall
Egg Farm / Farmer Garden Hamburger
Elephant Fast Gate Hanukkah
Enjoy Favorite Gentle Happy
Excited Feather Get Dressed Hat
Excuse Me Feet Gift Hear
Exercise Ferret Giraffe Heart
Eye Glasses Find Girl Helicopter
 Easter Finished Give Hello
Fire Glasses Help
Firefighter Gloves High
Fireworks Glue Hill
Fish Go Hippo
Fix Goat Hit (person)
Flag God Hit (ball)
Flashlight Good Holiday
Floor Good morning Horse
Flower Good night Hospital
Food Goodbye Hot
Fork Goose Hot Dog
Fox Gorilla House
French Fries Grandfather How
Friend Grandmother How Much
Frog Grapes Hug
Fruit Grass Hungry
Frustrated Gray Hurry
Full Green Hurt
Fun Gross  Halloween
Funny Grumpy  Heater
 Fairy Guitar


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41 Responses to “E to H Words – Baby Sign Language Dictionary”

  1. Jillian

    Hello, my son and I are both fluent in ASL (he is 5), and I’m making a calendar for his summer schedule for him using the graphics from this wonderful website (thank you!). I notice you say that house and home are interchangeable, however the sign “house” refers to the physical structure (as the sign makes the shape of the house). Home refers to the place where you live, which is the closed hand (index fingers touching thumb) making contact with the cheek twice (first closer to the mouth, and second closer to the ear). This is the sign I prefer to use when describing “home” days (no summer camp or school etc), “home with mommy or daddy”. Using the sign for “house” does not quite fit there. Would you be willing to create the graphic for home please and thank you? 🙂

    ADMIN – Hi Jillian,

    We can create custom graphics outside our production cycle through sponsorship. Basically you pay for half of the cost of production and we pay for half and we make the sign available through our free resources. If you are interested feel free to contact me at [email protected]

  2. Heila

    What is the sign for ‘follow me’?

    ADMIN – Hi Heila,

    I prefer to use the sign for come instead of follow because it is simpler.

  3. Dee

    What’s the sign for empty? Would I use all gone?

    ADMIN – Hi Dee,

    This sign is made by placing your left hand down. Put your right middle finger on the back of your left hand. Move your right hand from your left wrist to beyond your knuckles.

  4. Cara

    Hi there, my little one and I play a “where is” game when out & about. Could you possibly tell me what the sign is for here it is/there it is?
    Many thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Cara,

    You simply sign here or there. The qualifier it is is not needed.

  5. Josh

    What does the index finger pointing to open handed palm touching each other mean heard it was more?? Trying to teach my daughter at daycare

    ADMIN – Hi Josh,

    I encourage you to read our guide to teaching baby sign language online or by buying the kit. More is signed by having your hands closed with fingers meeting at the center of your body.

  6. Nicola Snelgrove

    Hi, what is the sign for hammer please?

    ADMIN – Hi Nicola,

    The sign for hammer is as follows: Close your dominant hand with thumb at top a as if holding a giant nail. Use your dominant hand to mimic a hammer by closing all fingers and extending your thumb. Hammer the nail twice.

  7. Tina poe

    What is the sign for ear?

    ADMIN – Hi Tina,

    Most body parts are signed by pointing to the body part with the index of your dominant hand.

  8. Rena Harbeck

    How would you say hold? As in please hold my doll

    ADMIN – Hi Rena,

    The sign for hold is your dominant hand in a fist going around in a clockwise circle in front of you.

  9. Jennifer

    Can you tell me the sign for fountain please?

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    Tap your chin with your dominant hand making a letter “w” then spread your fingers on both hands and move them outwardly as if sprinkling water.

  10. Jennifer

    Hello and thank you for compiling all of these signs! My son is almost 2 and he is picking up signs fast, he’s trying to talk more too. I really think being able to communicate through signs is boosting his confidence to try speaking more. You have saved me many a tantrum, I’m sure!

    Can you tell me how to sign firetruck?

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    Firetruck is a combo sign, sign fire and then sign truck.

  11. lydia

    hi I love your website I am using it to widen my vocab as I am a beginner what is the sign for have or own

    ADMIN – Hi Lydia,

    The sign for have is achieved by holding “bent” handshapes a few inches out from your upper chest. Move your hands back and touch your chest.

  12. Tamara

    Can you share the sign for “hedgehog”?

    ADMIN – Hi Tamara,

    To sign hedgehog place your dominant hand by the side of your head with fist closed. open your hand to create a fan with your fingers representing the hedgehog.

  13. Tamara

    Hi! Great dictionary! Are there common name signs for popular children’s characters? For example, my 14 month old loves The Gruffalo, and we sign snake, mouse, bird, frog, squirrel, etc., as we read. Where could I find what is used for “Gruffalo”?

    ADMIN – Hi Tamara,

    Why don’t you try the sign for monster plus the letter G?

  14. Melissa

    What is the sign for hammock? thanks much!

    The sign for hammock in American Sign Language is quite complex. At home we simplify it to make it baby-friendly by shaping our dominant arm into a U to mimic a hammock and placing our dominant hand in the bend of the elbow facing up and curved to mimic a person resting. We swing back and forth several times.

  15. Marcy

    I would like to know how to sign “God bless you” or “bless you” after a sneeze. P.S. I love your website. I’m along with my grandchildren are learning to sign. We love to look up animals sign.

    The sign for bless you in response to a sneeze is done by placing both hands closed into a fist and facing each other in front of the mouth. Lower the hands both at the same time while opening the fists into wide-fingered hands, The sign finishes at about waist-high with both hands open wide facing downward.

  16. Anya

    Could I request “empty”? My daughter’s at the putting-things-in-and-taking-them-out stage, and empty would be a great addition to our signing vocabulary.

    The sign for “empty” is made by placing your left hand down. Put your right middle finger on the back of your left hand. Move your right hand from your left wrist to beyond your knuckles. (If you are left handed do a mirror image).

  17. Erin

    Could you add the sign ‘fly’, both meanings (insect and to fly) to the dictionary?

    ADMIN: Thank you for your suggestion to add the baby sign for fly. We have added it to the list of pending words.

  18. Heather

    What is the sign for “great-grandmother” and “great-grandfather”? My grandparents are very integral in my daughter’s life.

    ADMIN – Hi Heather,

    You can do the signs for great grandparents by doing a triple motion. You will recall that the grandparent signs are similar to the parent signs, but are a double motion. To indicate great-grandparents, add a third motion.

  19. Celeste

    I teach one-year olds. We are doing a Fairy Tales theme. I would LOVE an illustration for the word. Thank You!


    Thank you for your kind suggestion we have added the baby sign for fairy to our list and will try to have it up as resources become available.

  20. Pamalla Bashline

    Can you add Body parts such as head, eyes, foot, hand or do you just point to the body part?

    ADMIN – Hi Pamalla,

    For body parts, the sign is usually just pointing to the part.

  21. Jennifer Brothersen

    What about a sign for “wash” or “clean” for after meals when they need their faces washed? And also “help” and “down”? I think my daughter would be a lot happier if she could communicate those things.

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the suggestions. We have added those signs to the dictionary.

  22. Erin

    I would love to teach my son the sign for “home”. Could you add this one? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Erin,

    We have added home to the baby sign language dictionary. Thanks for making the suggestion.

  23. Nyssa

    “Gentle” would be a great sign to have here.

    ADMIN – Hi Nyssa.

    We have added gentle to the dictionary. Thanks for suggesting it.

  24. Bonnie Parker

    Thanks for this great resource. I’m the owner of a small child care in SE Portland, OR and my adoptive baby daughter is facing some language challenges. Your site is very helpful. Is there a sign for help? I find that teaching kids to ask for help reduces tantrums and frustration. Thanks!

  25. Micah

    I saw the post you are adding about 800 more signs…. that is great! I was going to suggest a few but it sounds like you have them covered. I look forward to seeing them. Having a person show you through your video clips is so much easier than reading a sign through pictures. Thank you for this great tool. Will you be selling a video in the future? If so, may I suggest having the adult sign and then a young child sign it as well so the adult learning can see the difference in physical skills levels so they more easily recognize their own childs attempt at the sign. Your website is the most user friendly I have found.

  26. Kate

    Hi, do you know the sign for ‘help’? I think that would be really helpful lol.

    ADMIN – Hi Kate,

    Help looks like a thumbs up sitting on top of your hand. Then move both hands upward. It is like you are giving someone a big thumbs up for helping you. You will find it in the dictionary.

  27. Kelly

    Hi, could you tell me the sign ‘to be picked up/carried or held ‘ many thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

    Most people use the sign for “up” to indicate being picked up or carried.

  28. Mey Lau

    The right ‘2’ hand is twisted around, and then the tip of the thumb hand of the right ‘5’ hand is placed against the right cheek. (The signer may make the two signs in reverse order.)
    Here you are!

  29. Lyndsey

    Hi! I teach one-year-olds and I LOVE your illustrations! I was wondering if you had one for eat/food? I know the sign, but I would love to put it on the wall where our children eat as a reference for them! Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Lyndsey,

    I can’t believe we missed eat the first time around. We will be adding another 800 signs in the next two months and “eat” will definitely be among them.

  30. Nicki

    What is the sign for goodbye?

    ADMIN – Hi Nicki,

    We added goodbye. The sign just looks like you are waving goodbye to a friend.

  31. Kristin

    Is there a sign for helicopter? My one year old loves them.

    ADMIN – Hi Kristin,

    We added helicopter. Thank you for suggesting the addition, it is a fun sign!

  32. Jessica

    Do you have a sign for Guitar? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    We have added guitar. Thank you for making the suggestion.

  33. judith

    What is the sign for guinea pig please???

    ADMIN – Hi Judith,

    Afraid I don’t know Guinea Pig, and I couldn’t find it in my dictionary – often less used signs like Guinea Pig are finger spelled. I would substitute another easy to perform sign like mouse.


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