E to H Words – Baby Sign Language Dictionary

Earring Fall Down Game Hair
Earphones Family Garage Hairbrush
Eat Fan Garbage Hall
Egg Farm / Farmer Garden Hamburger
Elephant Fast Gate Hanukkah
Enjoy Favorite Gentle Happy
Excited Feather Get Dressed Hat
Excuse Me Feet Gift Hear
Exercise Ferret Giraffe Heart
Eye Glasses Find Girl Helicopter
 Easter Finished Give Hello
Fire Glasses Help
Firefighter Gloves High
Fireworks Glue Hill
Fish Go Hippo
Fix Goat Hit (person)
Flag God Hit (ball)
Flashlight Good Holiday
Floor Good morning Horse
Flower Good night Hospital
Food Goodbye Hot
Fork Goose Hot Dog
Fox Gorilla House
French Fries Grandfather How
Friend Grandmother How Much
Frog Grapes Hug
Fruit Grass Hungry
Frustrated Gray Hurry
Full Green Hurt
Fun Gross  Halloween
Funny Grumpy  Heater
 Fairy Guitar


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8 Responses to “E to H Words – Baby Sign Language Dictionary”

  1. Dee

    What’s the sign for empty? Would I use all gone?

    ADMIN – Hi Dee,

    This sign is made by placing your left hand down. Put your right middle finger on the back of your left hand. Move your right hand from your left wrist to beyond your knuckles.

  2. Heila

    What is the sign for ‘follow me’?

    ADMIN – Hi Heila,

    I prefer to use the sign for come instead of follow because it is simpler.

  3. Jillian

    Hello, my son and I are both fluent in ASL (he is 5), and I’m making a calendar for his summer schedule for him using the graphics from this wonderful website (thank you!). I notice you say that house and home are interchangeable, however the sign “house” refers to the physical structure (as the sign makes the shape of the house). Home refers to the place where you live, which is the closed hand (index fingers touching thumb) making contact with the cheek twice (first closer to the mouth, and second closer to the ear). This is the sign I prefer to use when describing “home” days (no summer camp or school etc), “home with mommy or daddy”. Using the sign for “house” does not quite fit there. Would you be willing to create the graphic for home please and thank you? 🙂

    ADMIN – Hi Jillian,

    We can create custom graphics outside our production cycle through sponsorship. Basically you pay for half of the cost of production and we pay for half and we make the sign available through our free resources. If you are interested feel free to contact me at [email protected]