Bye-bye is the same as the traditional gesture for the word. Open your palm, folding down your fingers, then open your palm again. An ASL alternative for goodbye or bye-bye is to wave your open hand sideways, like a leaf swaying in the wind.



Bye-bye is a good, initial sign that you can use with your baby and friends. As guests or family member leave the house, they sign goodbye to your baby, and your baby learns to make the sign back.


Flash Card

This is a natural sign. Your baby will learn the motion through imitation.


6 Responses to “Bye-Bye”

  1. Micah

    What is the difference between this and “milk”? My 13 mo. seems to do the same sign for both?

    • Baby Sign Language Administrator

      Hi Micah, “milk” is signed vertically, if you will, as the knuckles line up vertically, whereas in “bye-bye”, the knuckles line up horizontally. Please take a look at the sign pages’ videos side by side to note the difference. With the constant reinforcement of your baby, he or she will eventually be able to sign more accurately. Also, I don’t think you need to worry about these signs, as the context will be clear for either one. “Milk” – https://www.babysignlanguage.com/dictionary/m/milk

  2. Tamia Lockett

    Is this type of sign the same for adults I’m trying to learn just for fun…and I want to take baby steps…but I don’t want to learn the “wrong thing”.

    ADMIN – Hi Tamia,

    You might want to use a regular ASL website.

  3. Danniele

    Hey, my name is Danniele and my little boy, Eli, is going to be 2 on November 6,2014. He is developmentally delayed, and he has difficulty communicating, so his therapists and I work together to teach him baby sign. Since we started teaching him about a year ago, he has blossomed. This site has really helped.

    ADMIN – Hi Danniele,

    Very happy to hear how this has helped Eli!

  4. Phillis Clermont

    Hello, I just found your site and love how simple it is to learn each word. The videos are done really well and the signs are shown very clearly. I am going to start using these signs with my 1 year old, Nicholas right away. Do you have a sign for a baby’s pacifier?

    Thank you,


    ADMIN – Hi Phillis,

    Glad you are finding the site useful. Let us know how it goes with Nicholas. We have added the pacifier sign to the dictionary.


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