Signing: bad starts with your dominant hand open with fingers touching and extended. Begin the sign motion with you middle finger touching your chin, then move your hand down and out ending with your palm facing outward.


Usage: Used sparingly, words of warning like bad and no are useful with older toddlers as a way to tell them to stop doing something from a across the room without causing a fuss or embarrassing the child in front of their friends.The sign can be taught by incorporating it into story books as well as from real life experiences. “Isn’t Peter Rabbit being bad.”


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3 Responses to “Bad”

  1. Courtney Blazek

    What about naughty? or how would I say something like that’s not nice? Say for spitting or some bad behavior?

    ADMIN – HI Courtney,

    I use the same sign as bad.

  2. Anna

    Question 1: Is this flashcard available soon?

    Question 2: If I credit Baby Sign Language can I use these flashcard pictures in an online training for staff?

    ADMIN – Hi Anna,

    Flash card will be available by end of the year. If you are not profiting from our resources and you give us online credit with a link to our website you are welcome to use the materials.

  3. Liz

    When will the flashcard be available?

    ADMIN – Hi Liz,

    With the 2020 collection


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