Taming Tantrums

The biggest boosters of Baby Sign Language have have been Day Care Centers. We sell more Baby Sign Language Kits to Day Care Centers than any other group. Why is that? Isn’t Baby Sign Language just more work for them?

Day Care Centers all say that they are interested in the developmental benefits for babies. And I’m sure they ARE passionate about getting the best for the babies they’re responsible for. However, I know the REAL reason Day Care Centers love baby sign language so much: It makes their job FAR less stressful.

No shame in that.

If I was responsible for 20 kids and I could lower the tantrum, crying and screaming level I’d JUMP at the chance. And if the method also had additional educational benefits? That’s a no brainer!

And as a parent, there’s no shame in wanting more peace and quiet either. Don’t be embarrassed to say, “I want to learn sign language with my baby so she’ll cry and scream less and I can get some relief”.

I know some parents love to tell tales of woe to prove what a martyr they are for their children. The sacrifices they make. The hardship they endure. How difficult their little ones can be.

Well, let me tell you that you will make enough sacrifices just being a parent, you don’t need any EXTRA aggravation to prove your worth. So, don’t be embarrassed about wanting – and doing whatever you need to do to get- some peace and quiet now and then!

Taming Tantrums

Most outbursts are caused when a child is trying to communicate something and is unable to make the people in their life understand. A tantrum is one of the few ways most pre-verbal babies have to communicate and unfortunately, tantrums are highly effective because they motivate the adults in the room to give the child attention, provide soothing, and attempt to guess the source of dissatisfaction. But, this is far from an ideal mode of communication!

Baby Sign Language gives babies a constructive way to communicate. Instead of being rewarded for fussing, they get rewarded when they attempt to communicate via signs.

Great for parent and child

A study of Baby Sign Language done by Early Head Start, found that families that did Baby Sign Language felt more bonded. Signing moms were more tuned in to their baby’s emotions, signing babies attempted to communicate more frequently, and signing babies fussed less.

A second study funded by the Chilean government had similar findings. Mothers with signing children reported feeling like more effective parents and child care centers that used signing reported lower stress levels.

Anna-Maria Signing (in Hungary)

In our next lesson, we will discuss transitioning from signing to talking.

To a deeper bond with your baby,


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