Five Words that Will Save Your Life

Thank you and welcome to Congratulations on taking a great first step to better understanding, better communicating and better bonding with your baby.

I’m sure you have some wonderful reasons for wanting to learn baby sign language with your child…

Maybe you read that Baby Sign Language can help your baby to speak earlier. Perhaps you heard that signing babies enjoy a closer bond with their parents. Or that they enjoy a higher IQ. You might have seen some of the cute videos done by our students.

Janina Signing

All perfectly valid reasons, for sure. But that isn’t why you NEED Baby Sign Language.

The Longest Flight Ever. A few years ago, I was on a plane from Charleston to New York. And almost as soon as the wheels went up, it started. If you spent much time on planes, you know where I’m going.

The heart-wrenching and ear splitting sound of a 6-month old baby crying, from somewhere in the back rows.

All around the plane, travelers reached for the headsets, turned up the volume and tried to shut the little guy out. A few kind souls offered the poor mother laser pointers, Tic Tac box rattles, and any toys they could think of to soothe the child. I even overheard a grandma suggest putting bourbon on his gums!

The mother was beside herself. Perspiring, apologizing to everyone around her. And when the seat belt sign dinged off she walked up and down the aisles, bouncing and shushing her inconsolable bundle. Nothing worked.

He’s not hungry!
He’s not teething!
He doesn’t’ have a fever!
He doesn’t want to play with any of the toys!

She looked so alone. My heart broke for her.

One of the most gut-twisting frustrations of being a parent is not knowing what your baby wants. They can’t tell you. You can’t read their little mind. So sometimes you just have to … endure.


Unless you give them the ability to tell you exactly what they want.

A Day in the Life of a Signing Mom

A Day in the Life of a Signing Parent. When our daughter was 9 months, before she learned to speak, she had one of those … episodes. It was the kind of tantrum that happens every day. The kind that you just endure. Only hers was cut short.

After wailing inconsolably for a few minutes, she made the sign for cat.

Cat? We don’t have a cat! At first we had no idea what this meant, but then we remembered that her grandmother had given her a cat stuffed toy that she never really liked. She hadn’t even seen it in months!

But we dug it out of her toy hamper, handed it to her and…

And she calmed right down.

Cat! We would have NEVER GUESSED that’s what she wanted. Who knows how long she would have cried had she not been able to sign!

Maybe as long as a flight from Charleston to New York?

Five words will save your life. Imagine the difference that knowing just five words will make in your relationship with your baby. If you baby knows just a few basics, like hungry, more, and all-done, imagine the hundreds of averted tantrums, and the thousands of saved tears (not to mention all the Bourbon saved).

If you long for your baby to tell you what she needs … how to console her, how to delight her, how to comfort her, stay tuned. Tomorrow, at the official start of our course, I am going to send you the deluxe version of our Quickstart Guide. You will learn your first TEN SIGNS, and the FOUR STEPS to teaching Baby Sign Language.

Start communicating with your baby,


PS – Below in the comments, tell us how you learned about Baby Sign Language and what makes you want to do it.

33 Responses to “Five Words that Will Save Your Life”

  1. Emma Lee

    I had never heard of baby signing before. Im a first time,young mom and want the best for my son. Out one day some one suggested the idea to us. I did some research and fell in love with the idea. My son is only two months old but we try to show him signs as often as possible. most often basic signs, we use them when greeting him as well like mama, daddy, even grandma signs herself upon greeting.

  2. Maxie

    My baby is 7 months old and I’m having problems trying to figure out what she wants. Some days she would have solids, some days she can’t even look at the spoon, etc. I just don’t want to force her to do anything she doesnt want.
    So looking forward to start signing with her! Thanks for this opportunity!

  3. Andrea

    I have worked w/ individuals who use ASL and have taken an introductory level course on ASL as a result, but am in no way fluent. Before becoming pregnant and while pregnant I had read about using sign language w/ babies and thought what a great idea. Fast forward a year and we’re entering a time when my LO is more mobile and vocal but there are times when I just can’t figure out what she wants and I know she is frustrated either because I don’t get it or she hasn’t figured out how to express herself. I just feel like trying sign language with her would be so good for both of us.

  4. Kelsey

    My son is 18 months old and began having temper tantrums throughout the day that seem to be unstoppable.. He points to things and uses the term “gah” for everything.. as if he has a mental block, not allowing him to use certain words-even if he’s said them before. We decided sign language would be the most appropriate way to give him another way to speak to us and would help with his speech, as well. After only 1 day of a few simple sign language lessons, he already has signed 4 words and has spoken 2 new words! I am beyond excited to start this with him!(:

  5. Mandy

    When my youngest son was in daycare and only 6 months he came home making the baby sign for”more” I was confused. It was then I learned that a specific staff was teaching him baby sign language. I was intrigued. This staff member moved on to do work somewhere else and the signing stopped.
    I now have a 7 month old that I’m very interested in teaching. She’s my only girl and hopefully this is something we can learn and enjoy as a family. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Sharayah

    I used to work at a daycare where baby signs were taught, beginning at 6 months. It was amazing to me that these small children could tell you what they wanted/needed before they could actually communicate using words. I have a 6 month old baby boy. He’s so intelligent! And I want for him to be able to communicate with me. It’s something I decided I wanted to do, when I was pregnant. I think it’s amazing!

  7. Gwen

    I have a 23 month old that has been using baby sing language for about 10 months but only a few signs that she and I have picked up from day care, this has definitely helped her communication skills. I also have a 5 month old, and I will be teaching him sign language in more depth.

    I speak Portuguese with the kids and my husband English, and English is spoken at day care. I am not sure but I find that sign language has been a bridge between both languages and my daughter understands that there are 2 words for the same thing :-)

  8. Sarah

    My bun is still in the oven. I’m so excited to learn baby sign language! I will be a completely new (young) mom. I want to expose my child to communication as soon as possible. I have been interested in baby sign language since I read about it in a Carl Sagan book years ago. In his book he explains that not only does sign language help children become vocal sooner, it teaches children to do more with their hands (music, writing, sports, drawing, ect).

  9. lynnette

    My best friend had a baby and I am their nanny. They sign to her now and I wanted to learn so I could do it as I work during the day. I’ve always wanted to learn ASL as well so this looked like an awesome reason to start!

  10. Stephanie

    My son was diagnosed with bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss, while he may only be 10 weeks old…it’s never too early to learn and sign to him.

  11. maribel

    My son of 22 months has down syndrome. I am interested in learning baby signs due to all the benefits it will provide to my son. I am glad I found this site. Thanks.

  12. Bhairavi

    One of my friend used sign language with her daughter and I found it very interesting that she was using words like please and thank you at 10 months old.
    My son is now 9 months and would love to teach him sign language as he loves to be outside and it would be great to communicate with him.

  13. Melissa

    My LO is 5 1/2 months old and I’m so excited to use this method to teach her to sign her needs.

  14. Cheryl

    I work in the babies room at a child are centre. I thought signing would help the children communicate better with the staff.

  15. Archana

    I heard about baby sign language for the very first time at a family get-together where a mom of a 1 year old told me that she was teaching him to sign and that’s what they did at his daycare. I didn’t see the baby signing a whole lot or being responsive to his mom on that day but the idea sounded very interesting. I was curious to know how it worked but I wasn’t completely sold out because at that point I was still nursing a 3 month old on demand, so I didn’t really anticipate the need for it then. But boy, now I feel like I need to know this skill and teach it to my baby because there are times when he is extremely fussy and I am unable to pin-point the real cause (growth spurt, teething, hunger, sleep?). Hopefully, baby sign language will solve some of these problems.

  16. janelle

    My son just turned 5 months and I’m always searching for new techniques to teaching him new thing and was referred to try sign language. I’m very interested and can not wait to see the results.

  17. Stefanie

    I received a book with flash cards that were used to teach babies sign language. I was instantly intrigued at the thought of my baby being able to communicate basic needs. My son Gregory learned to sign for milk, water, dog, bath, sleep, more, finished, eat, book and ball by 9 months. We are excited to learn more.

  18. Anjana

    A friend blogged about Baby Sign Language on FB and i could not wait to start with my 4 month old. a bit early but I’m SUPER keen :)

  19. Alexandra

    A friend uses it with her 11 month old son and told me about out.  We started last week with our daughter!

  20. Ema

    I’m hoping to learn a little so that I can teach a soon to be ten year old little boy who is non-verbal and autistic. This is an amazing site and have already had to share it with friends.
    I sure hope to learn and pass what I learn on.. and on..

  21. Rainee

    Babysigns taught at Gymboree for a short while. I was fascinated & the children who learned it had no trouble communicating to their parents. Baby signs also taught at the preschool I used to work at.

  22. Teresa

    I became interested when my youngest grandson was born and both he and his older brother came to live with us and want to communicate with them better.

  23. María de los Ángeles

    En una sesión educativa de masaje infantil, la enfermera me recomendó meterme a la página de Internet. Nunca había escuchado del programa y fui leyendo e instruyendome cada vez más. Estoy muy contenta, porque Rafael, mi hijo, ya hace señas mirando a nuestro perro, y está intentando hacer otras señas. Quiero aprender mucho, para que después pueda compartir esta experiencia. Con otras familias.

  24. Stephanie

    I have seen other people doing baby sign as well as heard about it from a facebook group I belong to and from our midwife. My daughter has a cleft palate and therefore will have trouble making most sounds so signing will likely be our main form of communication until after she has surgery and speech therapy.

  25. Ashley H.

    My 23 month old has oral apraxia and has never spoken. I want to help him communicate anyway possible.

  26. Samantha G

    I was curious about signing with my 4 month old after hearing multiple mothers talk about how successful they were with it and one sent me here.

  27. Frances Aw

    Got to know about baby signing from I find it amazing and can’t wait to practice with my 9 month old son. I only wish I knew about this when my daughter was still a baby.

  28. Sarah

    My sister did baby sign language with both her kids. I helped so much. After seeing them sign, I knew I would be doing it with my son.

  29. Yun

    I saw some youtube videos of babies signing, and it was so amazing. Can’t wait till my little one starts signing.

  30. Maggy M.

    I learned ASL in college, and our professor told us about using sign language with babies. It was pretty new then.

  31. Kate

    So excited! We saw a little boy signing with his mother at the park. I asked what they were doing, and told us a little bit about it, and sent us here.

  32. Matt Haggerty

    Our daughter does sign language at her daycare. She loves signing, and we wanted to learn more so we could help her out at home. She does eat, water, and more, and it makes such a difference.

    Can’t wait to get started. Thank you for making these resources available.

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