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Free 7 Day Baby Sign Language Course

Once you sign up you will receive a 15-minute Baby Sign Language lesson directly in your inbox. We will send you new lessons every few days. These lessons will cover everything from the basics to more advanced topics such as combining signs. The lessons build on each other, so by the end of the week you will be ready to start teaching your own baby.

Day One

Day 1: Quickstart Guide

The first intensive session will cover the basics of teaching your baby to sign. You will also learn your first ten signs!

Discover why children in deaf families communicate a year earlier than children in hearing families, and how this led to the discovery of Baby Sign Language.

Day Two

Day 2: The F.R.E.E. Method

Learn the award-winning F.R.E.E. method of baby sign language instruction. Incorporate Fun, Repetition, Encouragement, and Expansion into your signing to get your baby motivated to sign.

This class shows you how to integrate signing into your daily routines to ensure that signing becomes a natural part of your day.

Day Three

Day 3: Five Stages of Signing

Learn how your baby’s signing skills develop as your baby progresses from recognition to imitation to understanding. Identify when to start initiation and combination signing.

We discuss how long it usually takes babies to begin signing, and the best ages to start teaching baby sign language.

Day Four

Day 4: Getting Everyone Involved

Get family, friends, and caregivers involved in baby sign language. Involving others in the teaching experience makes the learning process more enjoyable and helps baby learn even faster.

Show older siblings how to teach their baby brother or sister, giving them a role to play in their sibling’s development.

Day Five

Day 5: Signing Combinations

Teach baby how to combine signs to create more complex phrases such as eat apple.

Unleash your baby’s creativity and let her share her thoughts by combining the words in her vocabulary.

Day Six

Day 6: Taming Tantrums

Ease toddler frustration using Baby Sign Language to help toddlers make choices and start to exercise control over their environment.

Day Seven

Day 7: Transitioning to Speaking

Transition from signing to verbalizing as your baby starts to talk. Transfer you child’s signing vocabulary to words.

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Free 7 Day Baby Sign Language Course

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Combining Signs

We have helped more than 1.5 million families in over 200 countries learn to sign. Check out some of our happy readers.

Video: Ted Signing at 15 months

Video: Elena Signing More at 8 months

Video: Amelie Signing at 11 Months (French)

Take the FREE Baby Sign Language course and join the fun!

Free 7 Day Baby Sign Language Course

5 Responses to “Baby Sign Language Class”

  1. carissa candler

    Do you have an okc baby sign language class?

    ADMIN – Hi Carissa,

    I don’t but I encourage you to get started either using our free printables or by securing the standard kit with teaching guide. 90% of moms that sign are self taught.

  2. bridget

    when should i start signing with my baby? He just turned 4 months old.

    ADMIN – Hi Bridget,

    Start at about six months. For now you can begin modeling the signs and showing him or her the images from our flash card set.

  3. Anca

    How can I teach my baby to sign “hungry”? How can I teach him to associate the feeling with the sign? Thank you

    ADMIN: It is best to first introduce baby to a concrete concept such as milk. Once baby knows milk and uses the sign you want to watch for signs that indicate hunger and model the sign for baby as you prepare to feed him. Always give emphasis by using facial expressions as well as words.

  4. Ariel

    Hello there, I love your website, and have been learning so much from here. I’m trying to teach my baby girl to “ask permission” or just to “ask” before she does something or take something from others. Is there such a sign language for this? Please let me know. Thank you very much.

    ADMIN – Hi Ariel,

    Ask starts with hand in a fist with your index finger raised. You make the sign by pointing your finger down at the person you are asking.

    You can also use please, which is like rubbing your tummy.

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