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Trend Lab & Baby Sign Language Giveaway

When it comes to stylish baby bedding and decor, Trend Lab has your baby covered. We love their creative designs, especially their Dr. Seuss themed bedding sets like One Fish Two Fish and Oh! The Places You’ll Go. Their CribWrap Rail Covers prevent babies from chewing on the tops of their cribs – an excellent… Reads more »

Learning Baby Sign Language During Bath Time

When we have a little one around we quickly realize that bath time is a great opportunity to capture their full attention and engage baby in conversation and learning. There is no denial that most babies love water and they adore new discoveries such as bubbles and buoyancy. We have found that teaching baby sign… Reads more »

Blooming Bath Baby Sign Language Giveaway

The Blooming Bath is one of the most adorable, convenient products you can get for your baby. It’s a flower-shaped bath cushion that conforms to any sink, and it was invented by a somewhat unlikely source – four fathers. The dads’ unique sense of style and usability has gotten the Blooming Bath featured everywhere from… Reads more »

Baby Sign Language Kazam Training Bike Super Giveaway

Learning how to ride a bike is one of the most quintessential activities of childhood. For generations it’s been done the same way, but KaZAM has modernized the process, making it easier for the littlest ones to get the hang of riding a bike. KaZAM balance bikes are bikes without pedals. They provide a unique… Reads more »

WubbaNub Baby Sign Language Giveaway

WubbaNub is one of those baby inventions you see and say, “That’s genius! Why didn’t I think of it?” A combination stuffed animal and pacifier, WubbaNub solves several parenting problems in one. It greatly reduces the number of times your baby will drop and lose their pacifier, and it ensures your baby’s binky and lovey… Reads more »

What to Pack in Your Bag to Be Baby Sign Language Ready

In prior posts we have suggested that you print our handy wallchart and place it in strategic places around the home where is visible to those involved with the care and education of baby. But reality presents far more complexities and most of us will have baby with us as we take care of daily… Reads more »

Trumpette & Baby Sign Language Giveaway-Sequin Schleppbag Valued at $175

When it comes to chic and contemporary baby clothes and accessories, Trumpette is leading the pack. High-quality fashion socks and tights are Trumpette’s signature accessories. We absolutely love their inexpensive and comfortable Moccasins, which are perfect for new walkers and go up to size 24 months. Trumpette also has a wide selection of apparel in… Reads more »