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Westmama Designs Baby Sign Language Giveaway

Westmama Designs produces some of the cutest and most original baby clothes we’ve seen. Animals like manatees, cuttlefish, dinosaurs, and unicorns grace the trendy clothes. Kids clothing, including cardigans and onesies, come in up to size 12. They even make some adult-sized apparel. Westmama Designs also makes canvas tote bags and funny greeting cards, and… Reads more »

Reading & Signing From Birth-Giving Your Child the Verbal Edge

Yesterday the American Academy of Pediatrics added reading aloud to the standard recommendations aimed toward healthy early childhood development. We too advocate reading as an integral part of vocabulary development and the shaping of communication skills and expression for all babies and toddlers. If you have not yet incorporated a daily reading routine to the… Reads more »

Baby Sign Language & Single Stone Studios Giveaway

We love getting creative in our homes, and Single Stone Studios can help anyone design breathtaking rooms. Their removable wall decals are perfect for any room in your home, especially children’s. They have tons of colors, designs, words, phrases, and pictures to choose from that will go with any motif. From lovable zoo animals and… Reads more »

Roxy Marj Baby Sign Language Giveaway

Roxy Marj’s Etsy shop is so unique that it’s one of our favorites. We love her simple, quirky artistry. Like she says, she definitely “designs stuff for children that adults want to steal.” Her lion and bear heirloom blankets are pieces that any child will want to cuddle forever. They’re hand painted and soft. She… Reads more »

Jute Baby & Extra Cute Giveaway

We love that all of Jute Baby’s products are made with high-quality, organic fabrics. Jute Baby sells adorable hats, headbands, blankets, and burp cloths, which you can get in a wide variety of fabrics and patterns. We love the woodland animals and modern stripe patterns. If you’d like, you can even get Jute Baby products… Reads more »

Baby Sign Language Moby Wrap Giveaway!!

Here at Baby Sign Language, we love baby wearing for so many different reasons. We can keep our babies close while also getting out of the house and doing things. One of our favorite brands of baby carriers is Moby Wrap. Moby Wrap carriers are so soft and lightweight, and they keep baby very snug…. Reads more »

Bella Bundles & Baby Sign Language Super Soft & Cudly Giveaway!

Bella Bundles started when its founder couldn’t find the perfect baby bibs, blankets, and towels, so she started making them herself. We love the high-quality of Bella Bundles products, and they look great. Oversized bibs provide full coverage of baby’s shoulders and lap, and they’re reversible. Oversized blankets are super soft and cozy, and the… Reads more »

Funkins Aprons & Smocks Giveaway

At Baby Sign Language, we love eco-friendly baby products, and that’s why we love Funkins reusable cloth napkins. They can be used as either napkins or placemats, and they come in a wide variety of adorable patterns, like ladybugs, whales, robots, and more. Funkins also makes fun, eco-friendly lunch bags and pouches. Each of their… Reads more »