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30 Reasons Why You Will Love Baby Sign Language

1. Baby Sign Language enhances the bond with your child. 2. Baby Sign Language reduces frustration. 3. Baby Sign Language gives you an early start for new concepts. 4. Baby Sign Language facilitates caregiver communication. 5. Baby Sign Language increases IQ. 6. Baby Sign Language helps siblings work together toward a common goal. 7. Baby… Reads more »

Using Baby Sign Language to Help Your Baby Overcome Nocturnal Fears

  Nocturnal separation anxiety is real. Throughout human history having companionship, particularly the companionship of an adult has been associated with safety. After all, our ancestors were mostly nocturnal hunters often leaving children alone and exposed to predators. Nocturnal fears are not exclusive to children sleeping alone. Many parents that co-sleep report babies and toddlers… Reads more »

Boost Your Baby’s Confidence With Baby Sign Language

There are many parenting styles but all hold certain commonalities. Among the most important ones is the desire to raise babies with high self esteem and deep sense of confidence. Baby sign language is one of many resources parents can incorporate to ensure empowerment and give babies a head start when it comes to confidence…. Reads more »

Christmas Time Baby Sign Language

We love everything about the holidays and we hope you do too. With a little less than three weeks to go before Christmas we wanted to share with you a few baby sign language Christmas themed signs. We hope to have a great time teaching your toddler seasonally relevant signs. If you have not yet… Reads more »