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Baby Sign Language For The Playground

As the weather becomes milder opportunities to do outdoor activities will certainly increase. For those of you entering the toddler stage it will be your very first opportunity to improve motor skills and enhance social skills by interacting at your local playground.   Now that your baby has mastered need-based signs such as milk, more,… Reads more »

Hooray for Signing & Playing-Simple Steps for the Novice Play Group Lead

More & more sign language for babies is becoming a chore element of most early child development curriculums. The experts agree; the emotional & cognitive benefits resulting from having a tool for early communication will make a life-changing difference in the lives of babies and parents.   Urban epicenters and densely populated suburban areas often… Reads more »

Signing For Babies-It Takes a Village!

The mantra of teaching signing for babies is teach contextually and consistently. This is all good until we are faced with the practical details of signing. Baby sign language can often require two hands. The majority of us only have two of those and quite often one is busy holding, feeding and nurturing our little… Reads more »

Ten Things Your Kid Must See Before Turning Three

It is a season of discovery and those things that we take for granted are the igniters of our child’s sense of wanderlust. The small journeys of today will one day be remembered as the very foundation of their willingness and drive to reach far and wide. I asked my friend Lori who is a… Reads more »

BSL Mother’s Day Card

My friend Jamie, an avid crafter and awesome mom sent me a little something to share. She worked on this craft as a gift to her nanny for Mother’s Day. In my opinion it is a wonderful mothers day gift for a grandmother or a great keepsake to commemorate your baby’s first Baby Sign Language… Reads more »

Baby Yoga

One of the questions I was frequently asked as a new mom was, “Are you doing baby yoga?” In my pre-mom life, I had taken a few yoga classes, but never with much success. Dark rooms with strangers and lit candles, rolling around and trying not to make any strange noises … Anyway, despite my… Reads more »