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Convert Your Kitchen Into a Baby Sign Language Classroom

Many of our babies are quickly becoming active and inquisitive toddlers. As parents and educators we are to join our little ones side-by-side as they discover the world around them and learn new skills that will remain with them for a lifetime.     Both SAHM and working moms often find themselves in the kitchen… Reads more »

Our Favorite Baby Board Books for Halloween & Some Baby Signs

We can’t wait for Halloween. For many many friends this will be the first Halloween their baby or toddler will have the opportunity to dress up and participate in Trick-0-treating and many other fun family activities. If you are going to stop by the bookstore or library consider these fun baby books. We have many… Reads more »

Start Early – 15 Principles to Raise Confident Babies

Lately I  have been reading a number of books addressing early childhood education and child development. I was initially looking for techniques that could potentially accelerate pre-verbal learning. To my surprise, a common denominator across all materials was the emphasis placed in confidence building. I know for many of you this is a season of… Reads more »

Let’s Learn Our Baby Signs For Valentine’s!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Let’s learn a few signs to add to our signing repertoire. The flash cards are available in our free printable collection. You can also find our favorite signs as part of our baby sign language kits. If you found this information useful, check out our award winning baby sign… Reads more »