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BabySignLanguage.com is a project for parents teaching infants and toddlers early communication skills. We believe that early communication sets the foundation for accelerated learning, reduced frustration, and a closer relationship between parent and child.

Our website contains baby sign language resources designed around the pedagogical needs of infants and toddlers. In everything we do we take into account the daily challenges confronted by new parents as they attempt to equip their babies with the tools to thrive.

This site was founded when we started teaching our own children how to sign. Our kids loved signing and we loved being able to share in their lives. After hundreds of shared secrets and averted tantrums we can’t understand how any parent could live without Baby Sign Language. We told everyone, and so our friends laid down the challenge, “why don’t you teach every parent Baby Sign Language?

We are constantly evolving and appreciate all feedback. We want to be a resource for every parent who wants to start communicating with their pre-verbal child through sign language. So send us your questions, comments, and concerns. We love hearing from you!

Mey Lau
Lila Retnasaba
Brooke Parker

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67 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Claudia Malherbe

    Hi thank you for a lovely website, it’s been a huge help with my 2 1/2 son who has down syndrome. We live in South Africa, so cost of purchasing your product is out of our budget, I’ve printed some of the words and made my own cards and my son loves them. Their is an iPad application could signing time that is also very useful, with flash cards and videos and is relatively inexpensive.

  2. Sonali

    Thank you so much for your wonderful website – it is well-organised and easy to use. My daughter is now 2-1/2, she has significant development delay as a result of being a micro-preemie. I started signing with her a year ago – she made her first sign back in June – we started with the 10 basic and by September we were slowly increasing her vocabulary. She now signs over 70 words and makes sentences – and is now at the stage of asking us “what is the sign” for something. I use your website every day – signing has made the world of difference to us! And please thank the lady who does the videos – she makes learning a sign so easy!

    ADMIN – Hi Sonali,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. We are glad we could help. You and your daughter made our day!

  3. Gianna Daley

    Hi, I’m not sure if you already have this but i didn’t see it anywhere…grouping would be great! Like, having all the signs for colors or the alphabet together.

  4. Ted Hart

    Are you sure you got permission (paid permission preferably) from ASL Nook to use their video on your website to promote your bunched ASL videos? Would hate to see y’all get in trouble for it.

    ADMIN – Hi Ted,

    We do indeed have a paid license to use the video you are referring to.

  5. Robin

    We used your baby sign language program with our son. We were amazed at how quickly he picked it up and how much relief it gave us to be able to communicate long before he could talk! It was wonderful! We even continued after he could talk and it really helped being able to have those non-verbal communication skills at times, like telling him to be gentle when getting to see a new baby, etc. without having to draw attention to him in a negative way in the group, etc. My son learned to read at a very young age and just tested in the 99% percentile for reading in his age group. I attribute so much of this to his early ability to comprehend language from using the baby sign language. He’s in 1st grade and his school tells me his the best reader in the whole K-5 school! I recommend your program to every new parent I meet, thank you so much for the lifelong gifts your program has given us!


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