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BabySignLanguage.com is a project for parents teaching infants and toddlers early communication skills. We believe that early communication sets the foundation for accelerated learning, reduced frustration, and a closer relationship between parent and child.

Our website contains baby sign language resources designed around the pedagogical needs of infants and toddlers. In everything we do we take into account the daily challenges confronted by new parents as they attempt to equip their babies with the tools to thrive.

This site was founded when we started teaching our own children how to sign. Our kids loved signing and we loved being able to share in their lives. After hundreds of shared secrets and averted tantrums we can’t understand how any parent could live without Baby Sign Language. We told everyone, and so our friends laid down the challenge, “why don’t you teach every parent Baby Sign Language?

We are constantly evolving and appreciate all feedback. We want to be a resource for every parent who wants to start communicating with their pre-verbal child through sign language. So send us your questions, comments, and concerns. We love hearing from you!

Mey Lau
Lila Retnasaba
Brooke Parker

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67 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Laura

    I see there was a question about an app for smartphones/tablets. Is that still in the works? Do you have an app that you recommend in the meantime? Thanks!

  2. Emily

    Like Laura, I’m very interested in an iPhone/iPad app! Can you advise on one that you guys approve of or are designing?


  3. Tess

    Please inform about a phone/IPad app coz it’s more convenient with hands full while parenting. My baby is yet one month old and I’d like to prepare.

    Hi Tessa, please join our Facebook page where we announce all the updates to our website and any app releases. Currently we do not have one.

  4. Lila

    Hi Kayla,
    Our program is based on American sign language with some adaptations aimed at early childhood limited motor skills. The program is used globally. The only exception is when a child has a hearing impairment; in that case it is best to use the local sign language from the beginning.


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