Ten Types of Awesome Moms that Love Baby Sign Language

If you have been wondering if baby sign language is for you please keep reading. We compiled a list of parenting styles that have found our baby sign language program beneficial. Let’s take a look at how teaching a few basic signs is changing the lives of thousands of families around the globe.

The Multilingual Mama

If your house is lucky enough to be multilingual and multicultural give baby sign language a try. Signing can help your baby maintain continuity in communication and serve as a bridge between all the languages spoken at home. Your baby will feel empowered and will have the tools to communicate basic needs and wants while discovering how one word in a certain language spoken at home has the same meaning as another word in a different language.


The Relaxed Mom

You have made a decision that you will mother in a way that is conducive to relaxation and acceptance. You want your baby to feel comfortable and to be able to approach you while feeling understood. Baby Sign Language can equip your baby with core communication concepts that will reduce frustration during the pre-verbal stage. Teaching your baby how to sign does not need to be structured or stressful. You can incorporate signing as a natural part of daily routines like breastfeeding, nap time and play.

The Working Mom

When life is busy and the chances to bond are few and far between baby sign language can make a world of difference. Teaching baby sign language gives you the opportunity to spend one on one time with your baby in ways that invite you to fully engage through eye contact and manual modeling. By working on their signs you are giving your little one the opportunity to spend quality time with you in a way that allows for your baby to secure your undivided attention.


The Discovery-Oriented Mom

If you are living the dream and each day with your baby or toddler is an adventure of outdoor discovery, you don’t want to miss out on the joys of signing. We have spent endless hours in the garden observing the gifts of nature while learning new signs. Signing outdoors allows you to expand your baby’s vocabulary in ways that help develop his mind and his drive to be curious about the world that surrounds him.


The Anxious Mama

If you are constantly worried and looking for better ways to ensure your baby is being cared in the best possible way baby sign language can set the stage for success. Teaching your baby how to sign basic signs related to specific needs will reduce his anxiety and tendency toward tantrums and in turn give you beautiful moments of serenity where you can both bond.


The Fun-Loving Mama

There are many ways to have fun with our babies. Signing, particularly when we do it in the context of songs or while story-telling sets the stage for a ton of fun. Be silly, take advantage of facial expressions and have a blast teaching your baby unique signs for animals or toys that fill his world with wonder.


The Tiger Mama

If you are looking for special ways to give your baby a competitive edge you really must consider baby sign language. Not only does it help your baby convey his or her needs during the pre-verbal stage, it also has a correlation with increased IQ. In fact, some studies show up to 12 points difference between babies who sign and babies that don’t.


The Mama of Multiples

When it comes to signing the more the better. Some of the best video submissions we have received at babysignlanguage.com are videos of twins engaged in signing conversations with each other. If you are a mama of twins or triplets signing can be introduced as a group activity by seating all the babies directly across from you while signing and singing simple songs and pointing to relevant images.


The First Time Mama

One of the best gifts you can give to a first time mama is the gift of pre-verbal communication. If you know a mama who is on bedrest consider gifting her with a baby sign language kit. By the time baby arrives she will be ready to start teaching him and before she knows it baby will be signing his first words.


The Practical Mama

You are no nonsense and your parenting style is focused on results. Baby signing can significantly reduce frustration and will allow you to quickly attend to the most basic needs of your little one without having to engage in guesswork. As little as five signs will suffice to meet daily needs such as hunger, sleep or the need to have a soiled diaper changed.


Regardless of your parenting style baby sign language is here for you with thousands of free resources and beautiful baby sign language kits that will help you to learn the basics and implement a strategy to advance into different levels of signing inclusive of transitioning into verbal skills. Check out our Baby Sign Language Store.






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