Baby Sign Language is a Language of Love

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Is hard to believe that we have been helping families communicate with their babies for almost five years. We can’t begin to explain how this project has filled our hearts with joy. Each day we receive letters, personal messages and phone calls with beautiful stories and videos with testimonies of how baby sign language has impacted the family bond and communicational development of your little ones.

Just last week my friend Sonya invited me to join them at her daughter’s first ballet recital. Her little girl Marguerite started signing with us in 2011. When Maggie came on stage she was beaming with pride but for a moment we saw hesitation and fear in her face. From our place in the fourth row I saw Sonya signing “I Love You“, and as if by magic Maggie smile and had the empowerment to move forward with part.


First Recital


Chances are your baby will know over 100 signs by the time they are three years old, as they become more verbal signs will begin to fade replaced by speech. While most baby signs will fade away the long-term benefits such as improved academic performance and self confidence will remain with your child for a lifetime. Along with those benefits for many little ones like Maggie “I Love You” will remain for years to come. A secret code that will surface when words may not be appropriate. I hope to see Sonya sign I love you to Maggie as she gets ready to score a goal, the first time she rides the school bus, the day she gives a valedictorian speech and hopefully as she is walking down the aisle to say “I do.”

Whether you are just starting and working on your basic baby sign language skills or you are a veteran who together with your baby have mastered all 52 signs from our flash card deck we want to encourage you to see baby sign language as a stepping stone that will equip your little one with confidence and will equip you with the right communication skills to tell your child just how much you love them.

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